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5 benefits of excellent glass cocktail shakers

5 benefits of excellent glass cocktail shakers

20/02/2017 06:51 AM |

Whether you prefer a Pina Colada or Cosmopolitan there's one thing all good cocktails need - and that's a cocktail shaker. Mixing a cocktail with ice in a shaker helps the ingredients to chill and mix well together to achieve the perfect taste and consistency. There are a number of different cocktail shakers to choose from. Some may prefer a metal Cobbler shaker, while others will lean towards the iconic glass Boston shaker. In this article, we will look at the five benefits of a glass cocktail shaker and in particular the use of a Boston shaker.

Easy to clean

A Boston shaker consists of two parts: a 28 oz. metal shaker tin and a 16 oz. mixing glass. It's the mixing glass that gives this shaker the edge over other shakers. When mixing your cocktail with ice it can sometimes cause metal shakers to freeze up. With a Boston shaker, the mixing glass tends not to freeze to the point where it prevents you from reusing it quickly. A quick rinse under warm water should be enough to get you ready to mix another cocktail in no time.

Inexpensive to buy and replace

The simplicity of the Boston shaker means it's also inexpensive to buy. If you unfortunately chip or break the mixing glass, they are very economical to replace. If you don't have a suitable mixing glass to hand, a pint glass can be used in its place.

Easy to store

A metal cobbler cocktail shaker comes with three separate parts which need to be stored as a whole, taking up vital room in your bar, lounge or kitchen. A Boston shaker is easier to store and takes up less room as the mixing glass will fit inside your metal tin. Place the strainer on top of the mixing glass and the three pieces will sit perfectly together.

It's see through

This one is pretty obvious! Having a glass cocktail shaker allows you to see when your cocktail is properly mixed. It also offers a bit of mystery to the person you're serving as they watch the alcohol, ice, juice and fruit come together to make their drink.

Look like a pro

Using a Boston cocktail shaker takes some practice, but once you've mastered the art you'll look like a pro! You must ensure there is a watertight seal between the metal and glass components or you'll end up with cocktail all over you. A firm tap at the start of mixing will create the seal and a firm tap on the side of the shaker at the end will release the two parts ready for pouring.

A glass cocktail shaker is both stylish and fun to use. It's great for any type of cocktail, especially if you want your drink stirred instead of mixed. Instead of using a spoon to stir a martini in its fine glass, you can stir the cocktail in the mixing glass of the Boston shaker creating the perfect aperitif.