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5 Easy Ideas for the Perfect Christmas Dinner Table

5 Easy Ideas for the Perfect Christmas Dinner Table

08/04/2016 11:50 AM |

From the traditional rustic setting to a sparkling contemporary feel, your Christmas dinner table should dazzle your guests, before the turkey is even in sight! Why spend so long cooking the perfect Christmas dinner, if it won’t be displayed in its full beauty? Here is some inspiration to create a stunning DIY dinner table.

1. Candles are an easy way to create that Christmas ambience everyone loves. For a particularly rustic affect use terracotta pots as candle holders. Fill half full with soil, positioning the candle as desired. Decorate with berries, holly, mini baubles or even moss! Our terracotta pots would be perfect.

2. Jam jars are surprisingly useful at Christmas! For a retro look, simply use assorted jam jars as lanterns, lighting tealights inside. For a more jazzy decoration, fill jars with your desired mixture of Christmassy bits’n’bobs, such as baubles, glitter, pinecones, holly, berries and even fairy lights! To create a snowy frosted look, just sprinkle salt into the jar. Look how pretty jars these look...Inspired? Have a go!

We have a great selection of preserving jars and tea lights for filling Christmas goodies.   

3. Cut crystal glasses have a hugely Christmassy feel about them, especially when filled with whisky! The combination of crystal, glitter, silver and gold create a stunningly contemporary dinner table, ready to dazzle every guest!

4. We know everyone loves cake, but sometimes cake stands can look better when displaying other Christmassy bits. A simple but affective centrepiece for your table, fill the tiers of your cake stand with pinecones, candles, holly, Christmas cards, small presents, ornaments and anything else that you fancy! Wrap holly, ivy or fairy lights around the stem of your cake stand to finish off your gorgeous centrepiece. Take a look at our stunning range of cake stands here. 

5. Everyone loves sparkles and shine at Christmas. Sparkly beads are easy and cheap to get hold of at this time of year, and can be used for so many Christmas decorations! String them up around your ceiling, scatter them on your table or wear them yourself. Our favourite bead creation is filling up a glass bottle full to the rim with assorted beads and glitter! Melt a slim candle to the opening and let the wax drip round the edges. It’s truly magical. Our stylish glass bottles are less than £3 each. 

Now that’s done, all you need is the cheesy Christmas tunes and the tipsy guests!