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Understanding the different types of champagne glasses and their uses

Understanding the different types of champagne glasses and their uses

13/02/2017 07:42 AM |

Champagne is the ultimate luxury drink and simply having a glass of chilled bubbles in your hand is guaranteed to make an occasion feel special. However, there are different champagnes, and different glasses for each type, just as there are different glasses for red and white wine. The differences are quite marked in champagne glasses, so before you buy champagne glasses online, make sure you understand a bit about the different shapes and how they'll affect the 'experience' of drinking champagne, for you and your guests.


This shape, now called a coupe by those in the know, is the original shape, and was most popular in the first part of the 20th century. As the name suggests, it has a wide, shallow bowl. Aesthetically, it is a stylish design that has become a real classic, though in champagne terms, it has been overtaken in popularity.

This is largely due to the wider surface area of champagne exposed to the air, meaning the bubbles dissipate more quickly and the drink goes flat faster. For some, having to drink the champagne quickly might not be so much of an issue! The shallow dish also means that the bubbles don't have much space to develop.


In almost complete contrast, the favoured glass today is the flute, with its much narrower, taller bowl. More bubbles are created and they rise to the surface quickly, which does look impressive, though the smaller surface area means there is less room for aromas to develop. Aficionados will be able to overlook this for younger champagnes, though for something more complex, the character of the wine needs space to develop.


Taking into account the 'cons' of the coupe and the flute, the tulip style might be the glass for you. It doesn't have the visually impressive silhouette of either of the others, and the tulip shape does not have the iconic association, but the slim base that widens into the bowl and then narrows again, gives the champagne the opportunity to develop bubbles, and for the beautiful aromas to reach your nose.

Before you buy champagne glasses online, consider what types of occasion you'll be serving champagne at, and the age or quality of the wine. If you're hosting a Great Gatsby-style 1920s party, then anything but saucer glass will not feel authentic. Hollywood has spoiled us over the years, with evocative images of champagne fountains, and they're a great way to add some theatre to your event.

If your event is a wedding or celebration, then few things say 'party' quite like a tray of champagne flutes brimming with bubbles. If it's a less exuberant event, or your guests are fortunate enough to be served a premium champagne, then consider serving it in a quality 'regular' wine glass, red or white, to allow it to breathe.

Once your party is planned, the champagne is chilled and the guests are arriving, don't forget to relax and enjoy the event!