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Bar Equipment You Must Get For Your New Bar or Restaurant

Bar Equipment You Must Get For Your New Bar or Restaurant

06/07/2017 07:24 AM |

There are many different types of bar supplies that are useful for stocking your bar with, from ice machines and bottle coolers to bottle openers and ice buckets. It is important that you have the right equipment and accessories in order to present the best impression to customers and ensure you have the right tools to do your job properly and effectively.

Ice Machines and Bottle Coolers

Ice machines are highly important for any bar, as cold drinks are always popular with customers. When serving soft drinks, nearly every customer will expect cubes of ice in their drink and a good quality ice machine will ensure you have the right shape and quantity of ice to please your customers. Bottle coolers are another cold drink essential. These useful fridges keep bottles cold and ready to sell immediately from the cooler. Another important accessory for ice is an ice crusher, which ensures a delicious ice slush to create cocktails and garnishes.

Spirit Measures and Brackets

Spirit measures are another essential for any well-stocked bar. Having high quality spirit measures ensures the correct serving every time and easy serving of all your spirits and liqueurs. Bar optics and spirit measures are stamped with the correct serving size to serve 25ml, 35ml and 50ml, depending on the size required. Wine measures are available in 125ml, 175ml & 250ml measurements.

Cocktail Shakers and Mixing Glasses

Any modern bar worth its salt has a good selection of cocktail equipment. This includes cocktail shakers, mixing glasses and mixing spoons, to ensure the correct measurements and mixing. Mixing glasses and spoons make the bartender's life much easier, enabling easy mixing of drinks in the right quantities, while the attractive designs ensure the equipment looks great to customers.


Important bar supplies also include blenders. A good quality blender gives the ability to mix alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails and smoothies, such as margaritas, daiquiris and fruity drinks. You can place a number of different fruits inside the blender, along with ice, to create interesting combinations. The blenders can also have measuring guides on the side to enable the perfect quantities of ingredients to create the smoothest cocktails.

Drip Trays and Matting

After getting all the important drink making, serving and storage equipment ready in the bar, it is time to think about the practicalities. This means drip trays for protecting the bar and matting for behind the bar. Drip trays can be made from brass or stainless steel,depending on what kind of look you want in the bar. These trays are used to place the drinks on for customers, so the drips of drink and water do not collect on the bar surface.

Matting for the bar keeps the bar protected and acts as an anti-slip surface for safety. Matting can also be provided for the floor behind the bar, making it easy for bartenders to stand comfortably without slipping on wet surfaces, whilst also protecting the floor.