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Buy Sophisticated Champagne Glasses Online

Buy Sophisticated Champagne Glasses Online

06/07/2017 08:19 AM |

Champagne is synonymous with style and sophistication and is one of the easiest ways to turn your gathering into a really special event. Of course, there are budget implications of choosing champagne over sparkling wine, but putting careful thought into serving the wine can make a big difference. Getting your stemware spot on will improve the look, and even the taste.

With so many options available, it can be quite daunting to know where to start and which to choose. Start by consulting a specialist online retailer for advice.


Champagne is a premium product by its nature, and to maximise the quality of the wine, consider serving it in another quality product. Crystal glasses will generally be at the top end of the market, and they will go a long way to complementing the feeling of sophistication and elegance. There is a sliding scale of cost in what is a big market, and there are budget options out there, so buy the best ones within your budget.

The weight and the quality, as well as the material the glasses are made from, will affect the price. Think about the event you are catering for. Do you need something classic and simple, or could beautiful designs and different-coloured glass options add an extra dimension to proceedings? Lead crystal is the ultimate in luxury because of the light refraction and therefore the extra sparkle. It's also the heaviest glassware on the market and the clearest.

Style of Glasses

The style you choose for your champagne glasses can intensify the characteristics of the champagne, determined by the shape and what the glass is made of. They are traditionally shaped differently from a 'standard' wine glass because they tend to have a taller bowl that is narrower - called a 'flute' in champagne terms - which helps to direct the champagne to the tip of the tongue to maximise the taste hit. Holding the stem further away from the bulk of the wine also helps keep it cooler for longer, and the smaller surface area at the opening helps the carbonation as bubbles have less space to pop.

Champagne needn't be served in a flute, however. There is a much shallower bowl with a very wide surface area, almost completely opposite to the flute, known as a coupe. Alternatively, choose a glass that has more of a V shape, or even something with no stem. There are lots of options for you to create the right look and feel for your occasion, but don't over-think it or you risk spoiling the day. Relax and don't take the event or yourself too seriously!

There are many specialist online retailers of champagne glasses offering a huge range of styles and prices. Have an idea of the sort of thing you're after before you start, and think about whether or not you need matching pieces, such as decanters, or complementary things like trays. Shop around and you're almost certain to find yourself a good deal.