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Buying Quality Riedel Glassware Online

Buying Quality Riedel Glassware Online

23/08/2017 05:08 AM |

The right glass can make a vast difference to how a wine tastes, so investing in quality glassware for the wines you serve is well worth it. Different glass shapes suit different wines, because how the bowl is shaped determines where on the tongue the wine arrives, and this can change its taste and aroma. Riedel glassware has been endorsed by different wine-makers and is available online in various different ranges to suit all situations.


With a minimum of 27% lead crystal, Degustazione has amazing clarity combined with the weight and strength needed for enjoying red wines, white wines and champagne. Because they are made with large bases, the glasses in this range are very stable and well balanced, making them a pleasure to hold. The glasses are available online from Ascot Wholesale in cases of twelve.


The Extreme range from Riedel has been designed specifically for wines from the New World. You can select from Riedel Extreme Crystal Cabernet, Riesling, Martini and Chardonnay in cases of twelve and Cuvee in cases of six. These glasses from Austria are also a practical solution, since they are dishwasher-safe.


The Riedel O range comprises wine tumblers that are grape variety specific and provide great stability and practicality. They also benefit from being dishwasher-safe. There are ten designs in this range, suitable for serving everything from Pinot Noir to Martini and spirits. Buying online is simple with free delivery for orders worth over £50, and many restaurants, bars and nightclubs rely on this way of buying their quality glassware.


This range of Riedel glassware includes red wine, white wine and water glasses as well as long drink glasses, whisky glasses and 18.75 oz magnum wine glasses, all priced at £58.56 for a case of twelve. They are lead-free and dishwasher-safe.

Restaurant and Restaurant XL

The high-quality Riedel Restaurant and Restaurant XL ranges are also manufactured from lead-free crystal and have been designed for use in the hospitality industry. These glasses are particularly durable, having strengthened areas at the joins and the stem. The Restaurant range features grape-specific wine glasses with rounded bowls and long elegant stems to showcase the different wines you serve brilliantly. There are also glasses for beer, water, cognac, tequila and single malt.

Offering your customers wines in the correct glass can improve the flavour and aroma of the wine and can make the difference between a mediocre drink and a great one. If you are looking to improve the reputation of your business and also of the drinks you serve, the right glassware is the first thing you need to source. White wines are usually served in glasses with smaller bowls designed to preserve the floral aromas and maintain a cooler temperature. Red wines are typically presented in larger-bowled glasses so that the larger surface area allows the ethanol to evaporate and the wine tastes smoother. Choose the glassware that best suits your wine list and order online for added convenience.