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Choose the Perfect Gastronorm Containers for Your Commercial Kitchen

Choose the Perfect Gastronorm Containers for Your Commercial Kitchen

12/09/2017 10:22 AM |

Gastronorm containers are the ideal cooking and storage solution for any commercial food setting. Fractional sizing makes them hugely versatile, while their high-quality design and construction ensures that they always make a worthwhile investment.

The only choice you need to make is which containers are right for you. To help you out, here are the top three options.

Stainless Steel

Whether you need a full size or one sixth size container, there is a choice for you amongst the Gastronorm range of stainless steel containers. There are double size and two thirds size options, as well as half size, one third size, one quarter size and one-ninth size.

One of the smallest-sized stainless steel Gastronorm containers is the a 0.6-litre capacity dish, which measures 65mm deep, while one of the largest is a 150mm-deep dish, capable of holding 43 litre’s.

Whatever size you choose, stainless steel Gastronorm containers offer a hugely versatile cooking solution as they can be used in the oven. They are the perfect solution when multiple portions are required and can be used as everything from baking trays or bain-marie pans to serving trays in a cafeteria.

All Gastronorm pans and trays are durable and hardwearing and can be used for a huge array of purposes, including use in serveries, slow heating and blast chilling.

Lids are also available to boost the temperature control on offer or you can opt to go without due to space or budget requirements. There is also the option to invest in adaptor bars, which can adapt your kitchen to perfectly meet your portion size requirements and save you both time and money.

Clear Polycarbonate

Clear polycarbonate pans and trays offer a sturdy yet lightweight food storage solution and are capable of withstanding temperatures of between -40C and 100C. They are also available in fractional sizes to ensure that your choices can always meet your business needs. Lids are also available.

One of the smallest popular sizes in clear polycarbonate containers is the one ninth size, which ranges from a 65mm-deep tray with a 0.6-litre capacity to a 0.8-litre, 100mm option. The full size clear polycarbonate container, meanwhile, goes from 65mm deep with an 8.5-litre capacity to a mammoth 200mm deep with a 25.6-litre capacity.

Every size container is virtually unbreakable and will stay cool, making them extremely easy to handle. They are also simple to stack and both the containers and lids are fine to put in the dishwasher.

High temperature polycarbonate

There is similar sizing choice in the range of Gastronorm high temperature polycarbonate containers and, again, they offer a hugely durable and almost unbreakable food handling solution.

The main difference with these containers, as the name suggests, is their ability to withstand extremely high temperatures, whilst still staying cool to the touch. These dishwasher-safe containers can cope with temperatures from -40 to 190C.

These options demonstrate the huge variety of Gastronorm products available, along with their ability to perfectly match the requirements of your commercial kitchen.