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Different types of cocktail glass every bar should have

Different types of cocktail glass every bar should have

16/11/2017 06:19 AM |

Cocktails are an exciting and sophisticated choice for a night out, with more customers choosing them than ever before. With many bars, nightclubs, pubs and restaurants competing for customers, making the right impression is crucial. Small details can make all the difference, and there is no easier way than with your choice of glasses.

Cocktail glasses are not only a pretty feature for the bar or individual tables but can also affect the taste and experience of the cocktail itself. For satisfied customers enjoying a great drinking experience, a well-stocked selection of cocktail glasses is essential. This handy guide can help you to make the right choice every time.

Styles and variety

Mason jars add an informal, rustic quality to a cocktail and are perfect for long drinks. They are especially suitable for drinks that require muddling - the process of mashing fruit, herbs or other ingredients - due to their wide, stable base. Tumbler glasses have similar qualities, with both styles minimising spills as they are so easy to hold.

A classic martini glass adds an air of sophistication to any cocktail and is perfect for classic drinks such as manhattans, cosmopolitans, and the martini itself. They are sleek, timeless, and always popular. For a modern twist on a classic, why not select a martini glass with a short or thick base rather than the usual long stem?

The lagoon cocktail glass is famous for its tall height but rounded, 'swollen' base. It is well-named for the beachy air it gives and is especially suitable for rum-based tropical cocktails such as a blue lagoon, dark and stormy, or a piña colada. The width of the glass gives the fruity flavours ample room to circulate and become delicious.

Goblet-style glasses can be found in a range of designs, whether vintage or contemporary. They are often considered to have a classical, wintery air and are particularly popular at Christmas-time. They are perfect for port, sherry and other wine-based cocktails. Cut glass sparkles particularly well by candlelight, making them a popular choice with restaurants. They are robust enough to be sipped throughout meals or long conversations into the night with friends.

Twists on the classics

If your space has a fun and spontaneous feel, the novelty cocktail glass can be a great choice. A range of designs, such as skulls, faces and even shoes, are available. Don't be afraid to mix and match for a truly eclectic atmosphere.

Whatever glass is suitable, do not overlook the stem. While the stem will not affect the experience of the drink itself, it can be a perfect way to contribute to image and atmosphere, whether modern or classic. A slim stem is perfect for a more formal setting, for example, while an unusual stem can add a playful, modern quality.

Whether your customers love a casual cocktail night with friends or an elegant evening in a lavish setting, you can create a great impression with a few smart cocktail glass choices.