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Different types of wine glasses and their uses

Different types of wine glasses and their uses

16/11/2017 05:30 AM |

If you're on the lookout for wine glasses but don't know where to start, then fear not, we've got everything you need to know before making your purchase. Here are some of the essential styles of wine glass and what you should use them for.

Aren't all wine glasses the same?

Everyone knows what a standard wine glass looks like, but is it the right choice for your chosen beverage? In short, the standard glass is a safe option if you are struggling to find the perfect one but rather than playing it safe, it's worth researching the types of glass you need, especially if you are buying for a business or entertainment purposes. It's guaranteed to show your customers, or guests, that you know what you are talking about and can make the occasion much more sophisticated.

Red wine

Generally speaking, the glasses used for red wine tend to have a much larger bowl. The type of glass made specifically for wine with a fuller body, such as the Burgundy, allows for more intense flavours. It's the type of glass that is perfect for swirling your wine around in, a practice shown to help release the aroma, something which can turn a good wine into a great wine. The Cabernet works well as the shape of the glass directs the drink to the centre of the tongue, where the true flavours can be appreciated. Glasses for red wine also usually become slightly narrower towards the top which acts as the perfect way to collect and savour the aroma.

White wine

The Viognier glass is the most like a standard wine glass due to its ability to go with any wine variation. However, you'll find that crisp wines tend to taste better when served in this style. The Chardonnay glass is also versatile due to the larger than standard bowl which helps keep your young wine fresh and enhances the spicy taste of the more mature wines.

Sparkling wine

This type of wine is more commonly served in a more flamboyant glass which makes them perfect for a special occasion. Just take the Flute and Tulip glasses which are both often looked upon as a great way to serve champagne due to their elegant look. Their thin bowl also enhances the bubbles which rise from a sparkling wine to create more emphasis on this special drink. The Coupe glass is also used often for celebratory drinks and brings a touch of class due to its vintage shape. However, sparkling wines may lose their fizz quite quickly due to the wide surface area, which explains why this type of glass has become more commonly used for cocktails.

Some may believe that the glass brings nothing to the drink, and whilst the drink is still the most important part, getting the right type of glassware can make all the difference. If you don't believe us, try serving your next glass of wine in a highball to see the difference.