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Get More Easter Sales in your Restaurant

Get More Easter Sales in your Restaurant

08/04/2016 11:31 AM |

Over the last few years, Easter has become one of the most profitable holiday seasons of the year, so take this opportunity to start a marketing campaign which will get your restaurant’s profits soaring. Think about how you will be drawing the crowds in this Easter.

Get your sales hopping with these Easter promotion ideas:

1. Build the Easter Buzz Now

Get on all your social media platforms reminding your audience of the excitements of Easter. Post Easter recipes, decorations, and activities, emphasising the family focus of Easter. Ensure to disperse your promotions with engaging social posts, so you do not overwhelm people’s news feeds with promotional content. Update your cover photos to Easter related graphics and even post a preview of the Easter menu, pinned to the top of your page.

2. Choose an Easter Menu

Having a menu planned in advance can really help your Easter marketing, as it can be shared on social media and makes your restaurant appear organised and efficient. Try to incorporate some original ideas to make your menu stand out. Your restaurant should be packed at Easter, so this can be an exciting opportunity for your chefs to test the waters with new options.

3. Keep Promoting

Ensure staff are reminding your current customers of the Easter services and specials. A great way to encourage Easter bookings is to offer small tasters of your Easter menu. Have leaflets or menu cards to hand out in your restaurant, outside your restaurant and to pin on notice boards etc.

4. Decorate!

Now that the food is sorted, think about how it will be presented to represent Easter. Baskets of eggs and flowers are the basic Easter decorations so these are always a safe option. Pastel colours are also a great way to connote Spring. If customers have made reservations with their names, create personalised Easter placemats to make them feel extra special. Children’s placemats and decorations could be brighter and more exciting, so that everyone feels involved and relaxed.

5. Activities

Throughout these preparations, you should be considering Easter as a family event, catering for both adults and children. A children’s menu and decorations are the basics, but why not try something a little more exciting? If you are lucky enough to have outdoor space, Easter egg hunts are always a good option. If space is more limited, ensure children have Easter themed colouring pages to occupy them, and hang these up on the walls for decoration. However Easter isn’t just for children! Hand out eggs filled with restaurant coupons and offers to encourage your customers to visit again.

Promoting Easter has so many benefits for your business, encouraging new customers, whilst giving current customers a reason to come back. Bear in mind these tips can be applied with many other public holidays and events, so consider annual events that are imminent to keep your marketing engaging and your restaurant constantly changing with the seasons.