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Glasswashers and their importance for restaurants

Glasswashers and their importance for restaurants

14/09/2017 07:28 AM |

The restaurant and hospitality industry is fast paced and delivering an exceptional experience for every single customer is essential. With increasing numbers of people turning to online reviews when deciding where to go out to eat with family or friends, ensuring glassware is sparklingly clean and social media ready is becoming much more important.

As providing customers with cloudy or stained glassware could be the one element that dissuades them from returning or recommending an establishment to their wider social circle, consistently providing ultra-clean glasses is an essential component in the delivery of a first-class dining experience.

Specifically designed for glassware

Whereas commercial dishwashers have been purposely made to clean using specifically designed movements and at exceptionally high temperatures, consistently washing glassware in anything other than a professional glasswasher risks causing unnecessary damage, resulting in the need to invest in replacements more frequently. As this is both inconvenient and far from cost effective, many restaurant businesses will find that their initial investment in a glasswasher will quickly save on several other avoidable costs.

Convenient cleaning results in exceptional customer service

In such a fast-paced environment, knowing there is enough clean glassware on hand to meet the needs of every customer is essential to ensure smooth service at any time of the day or evening, even during peak times.

Glasswashers can be installed throughout restaurant premises and, when located next to a spacious glassware storage facility, will remove the time team members must spend unnecessarily transporting glasses from one location to another. Not only will team members appreciate not having to carry large quantities of heavy and often bulky glassware, customers will also appreciate the extra time available to be invested in delivering efficient and an increasingly personalised service.

Efficient cleaning

With many glass washers offering a rapid two-minute cleaning cycle, running out of glassware simply isn't going to be an issue. Knowing that there will be a freshly washed and completely dried batch of glasses ready for use in the same amount of time it takes to pour the perfect glass of quality ale, is both a stress-reliever and a morale booster, ultimately giving team members more time to spend doing what they do best; interacting positively with their customers.

A variety of sizes ensure streamlined service

Available in a variety of different sizes, finding the perfect glasswasher to install under a counter or behind a bar will be a simple process, ultimately ensuring the cleaning process is as streamlined and as efficient as possible. Depending on their size, glasswashers can clean up to a thousand pint sized glasses every hour and, as they typically come with more than one loading basket, team members can continually load up the next batch for cleaning whilst the glasswasher is in operation.

Investing in a robust and reliable cleaning system is imperative and as glasswashers have a variety of key benefits for every hospitality business, they are a sound and dependable investment that will quickly become one of the most hard-working and dependable components of every busy restaurant.