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Great Cooks Prepare Great Workstations

Great Cooks Prepare Great Workstations

08/04/2016 12:22 PM |

As leading suppliers of the essential tools that great cooks rely on daily, it was interesting and inspiring to discover an article on BonAppé called 'Be a Better Cook by Building a Kitchen Workstation.'

There's a link to the full article below but essentially it focused on;

  • Knives - 'all you need is a good, sharp paring knife and a chef's knife.'
  • Cutting Boards - at least one wooden and one plastic
  • Bowl for your rubbish - save tons of time in eliminating trips to and from the bin
  • The Recipe and Pen - the former to follow the latter to amend to your taste
  • Salt & Pepper - the 'not-so-secret weapons of any great cook'
  • The Apron - 'A well-made apron is a highly underrated kitchen tool'
  • Tea Towels & Paper Towels
  • Squeezey Bottles - 'so much more than a vehicle for diner ketchup'
  • Tasting Spoons - 'Restaurant chefs don’t double-dip, and neither should you'.

You can view the full article here and follow our links above if you're looking for the best tools to turn you in to the best cook.