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Guide to choosing Gastronorm containers online

Guide to choosing Gastronorm containers online

12/09/2017 09:49 AM |

Gastronorm containers are hugely versatile and durable, with a vast array of choice available to meet the needs of all sorts of different commercial kitchens. The only issue you may have is choosing from the great variety on offer.

The choices

Four popular choices when it comes to Gastronorm pans and trays are:

- stainless steel Gastronorms

- clear polycarbonate Gastronorms

- black polycarbonate Gastronorms

- high temperature polycarbonate Gastronorms

In each of these subcategories are a large variety of additional choices based on the size of the containers you require. Gastronorm trays and pans are available in fractional sizing, meaning that it is possible to buy trays measuring one ninth of a typical size or double the typical capacity.

There is also a choice of depths available, meaning that the capacity on offer can be perfectly chosen to meet the needs of your individual kitchen or catering business.

The details

Choosing between the four most popular types of Gastronorm containers will depend on the needs of your business. Stainless steel trays, for example, are perfect if you need a versatile cooking and storage option, which will be equally as useful as a roasting tray as it would be as a bain-marie.

In contrast, the virtually unbreakable clear polycarbonate Gastronorms are a robust and practical storage solution, offering high performance at a wide range of temperatures and the versatility to be as useful in a serving setting as they are as a storage solution.

If an even greater temperature range is required, Gastronorm containers are available to meet the demands of temperatures of as much as 190°C or as low as -40°C.

Further benefits

Whichever Gastronorm container you choose, you can be assured that it is highly durable and designed to last. The polycarbonate is almost unbreakable and will stay cool, making handling a breeze.

These containers are also dishwasher safe for added convenience and flexibility, allowing you to keep your kitchen running smoothly and efficiently, and are easily stackable for when space is short or you just want to make the most of the area you have.

Lids are also available to buy separately, giving you the option to add to your collection if space and budgets allow. Lids offer an additional means of temperature control and can be important in maintaining hygiene standards.

Rubbermaid soft Gastronorm lids

To boost the 'tailor-made' versatility of these containers further, Rubbermaid soft lids are available, to offer a supremely cost-effective and simple way of maintaining hygiene and food safety standards.

These lids are the perfect choice if storage space in your commercial kitchen is short, but you want to invest in as comprehensive a range of Gastronorm trays and pans as possible.

The versatility and durability on offer makes these containers hard to resist, whether you need the ultimate cooking companion or the perfect serving solution. They are the ideal tool in a workplace canteen or a busy restaurant, or they can be filled with your choice of ingredients for your takeaway or sandwich shop.