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How Champagne Flutes Add Elegance to Your Favourite Drink

How Champagne Flutes Add Elegance to Your Favourite Drink

06/07/2017 06:36 AM |

There is something about a champagne glass that simply screams class and elegance. You could be drinking coke or fizzy water, and you'd still feel like you're oozing glamour and sophistication.

Elegant glassware can turn a dinner table or drinks party from drab to fab, and there are a vast variety of different styles of champagne glasses that will lend an air of effortless grace to your event. You can even up the ante of your after work drink at home, simply by enjoying it in an elegant flute or bowl. There are champagne glasses to suit your every desire, and each style can add it's own flair.

1920's Elegance

F. Scott Fitzgerald perfectly paints a picture of opulence and elegance in his book, The Great Gatsby, and if you want to conjure up the same atmosphere then you need to drink your champagne out of a vintage style coupe glass. The wide bowl of this type of glass makes it all the more attractive, and the fact that it's perfectly suited to languidly sipping large quantities of champagne from adds to its appeal. This glass was hugely popular in the roaring '20s and will make you think of champagne fountains, luxurious house parties and dancing the night away.

Retro Sophistication

If you fancy something a little more modern, then retro style champagne flutes will be right up your alley. Plain fluted styles don't have to be boring, and retro champagne glasses may be more block-like in shape, have tiered glass or even solid bases that make them decidedly heavy. Retro styles have become hugely fashionable, and when you drink champagne out of a glass styled on those from the 70s or 80s you'll dramatically increase your cool factor.

A Timeless Classic

Champagne flutes with thin stems topped with long, elegant fluted bowls simply ooze style. The fluted style is a real classic, and whether its sublimely thin or somewhat flared towards the top or bottom, it will make whatever you drink look and taste better! A timeless style that will always be popular, the fluted shape is one that many prefer as it's hard to find anything else that can compare.

A Modern Twist

If modern living is the way you prefer to go, your champagne glasses can reflect this too. From twisted stems to colourful glass or patterns, champagne glasses can perfectly match your personality - or your decor! Glassware patterns can be opaque, may be raised or beveled or may be cut into the glass to add depth and character. You can mix and match modern glasses for even more interest, or you can regularly update your collection to reflect new trends.

Regardless of what type of flute you prefer, it's clear that when you sip from any of the above-mentioned options, you'll enjoy an enhanced drinking experience. With the right glassware you can make a statement, ooze glamour, hark back to days gone by or simply look effortlessly stylish when you drink champagne!