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How to Choose Whisky Glasses like an Expert

How to Choose Whisky Glasses like an Expert

20/02/2017 07:02 AM |

Choosing the perfect glass for your whisky can be daunting. At any smart bar or during a lavish event, it is likely that a lot of consideration has gone into the choice of glasses. This is not merely a style factor. The glass in which you serve your whisky should make it look its best, but it can also affect the 'nose' (or aroma), and even the taste of the spirit.

Many whisky drinkers are drawn to whisky for its enticing smell, depth of flavour, and variety. The choice of glass, therefore, is extremely important. Whether you choose to buy whisky glasses online or in person, a bit of background knowledge can make all the difference.

Below, we take a look at the variety of whisky glasses on offer and explain how to make your selection like an expert.

A short glass - the lowball or tumbler

This glass is the model of simplicity with a clean, robust design. It is a favourite of modern bars and perfect for the classic whisky cocktail such as an Old Fashioned or Whisky Sour. It is a short glass with a wide rim and flat base - favoured by Hollywood icons such as Paul Newman and Humphrey Bogart - and it's perfect for cocktail making and 'muddling' ingredients. For whisky cocktails and a clean design, select a short glass with a wide rim.

A classic glass - The Glencairn

The Glencairn glass evokes class, elegance, and experience. Regarded by many as the "only" way to drink and appreciate fine whisky, the Glencairn is identifiable by its stout base that rises to a tulip-shaped glass which then tapers to a narrow rim. This special, time-tested design is said to allow for the signature 'swirl' that releases all the captivating aromas of the spirit, while remaining robust enough for a lively bar setting. Choose a similar design if you have a whisky full of aroma and rich colour that must be appreciated.

A tall glass - the highball

A taller incarnation of the lowball glass with a similar function - to allow for cocktails and simplicity of design. The highball style is especially attractive when packed with ice and doused with the stunning amber whisky and topped with soda or ginger ale. Select a taller glass for evenings when the drinks can be enjoyed across a long and relaxing few hours.

A tulip-shaped glass - The copita or dock glass

The wide base but narrow rim of the copita glass allows the aromas to be concentrated. The longer stem adds elegance and protects the hand when swirling but may only be suitable in a quieter environment, where spillage or breakage is unlikely. The tulip design is especially appropriate for sophisticated gatherings. For an extensive choice, it can be best to buy whisky glasses online.

Whatever the occasion and whether you want to appreciate the colour, aroma, or flavour of your whisky, you can make a stylish and appropriate selection that both you and your guests will love.