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Some Important Aspects Of Glassware That Can Be Considered As Fine Dine Restaurant

Some Important Aspects Of Glassware That Can Be Considered As Fine Dine Restaurant

08/02/2019 07:46 AM |

Setting the table with the right glassware can be one of the most important aspects of a fine table setting. The glasses will not only express your personal sense of style but can also help establish the mood and tone of your event.

There are many different types and styles of glassware to be considered when making a decision on what glasses to choose for an event;

Stemware: Stemware refers to any drinking glass with a stem between the bowl and base, common examples include wine glasses and champagne flutes.

Wine Glasses: There is a very large selection of wine glasses on the market that depicts style and durability, ranging from high-quality crystal stemware to exclusively designed wine tasting glasses.

Champagne Glasses: Champagne glasses are split into two categories; Champagne flutes, characterized by a tall narrow bowl, and Champagne Coupes, which refer to the more traditional saucer-shaped champagne glasses.

Tumblers: Tumblers refer to glasses with flat solid bases, including highballs and whiskey glasses.

tumbler glasses and stemware

Crystal Glassware: Crystal glassware can vary depending on the way it is produced. Glass is more affordable, however, is less brilliant than lead. Lead crystal, on the other hand, is produced by adding 24% red lead oxide to the glass, making it heavier, more clear and more brilliant. The added lead oxide also softens the raw glass allowing for more intricate cutwork and designs. High-end stemware is usually made from lead crystal.

Of course, there are many other types of glassware that can quite often be found on a table setting, including beer mugs, cocktail glasses, shot glasses and brandy snifters.

Beer Mugs: Beer mugs and steins are designed to keep the beer chilled inside while keeping the hands warm. Beer mugs can also hold a large volume, making them perfect for any party goer. The stemmed glass variety of beer glasses, are named after their shape and are meticulously designed to captivate the aroma of the beer.

beer mugs

Cocktail Glasses: Cocktail glasses are one of the most varied forms of glassware, due to a large number of glassware specific cocktails currently on the market.

Martini: A classic martini glass adds an air of sophistication to any cocktail and is perfect for classic drinks such as Manhattans, cosmopolitans, and the martini itself. They are sleek, timeless, and always popular. For a modern twist on a classic, why not select a martini glass with a short or thick base rather than the usual long stem?

Hurricane: Hurricane glasses were inspired by hurricane lamps, which were used to serve bright red hurricane cocktails in New Orleans' Pat O'Brien's bar in the 1940s.

Margarita: Some people believe that the first Margarita glasses were inspired by champagne coupes and were made using recycled Coca Cola bottles.

Gin Glasses: Gin can be served in a number of different ways, however the most popular of these are the Gin and Tonic, which is served in a highball glass poured over ice. The other popular serving suggestion for Gin is a Gin Balloon glass, designed to give plenty of room for ice, fruit & botanicals, trapping aromas & flavours due to the shape.

Unique Cocktail Glasses: Jam-jar cocktails are all the rage, and the hippest mixologists are constantly searching for innovative cocktail glasses and serving suggestions. These include everything from wellington-boot-shaped glasses to skulls and even goldfish bowls. 

unique cocktail glasses

Brandy Snifters: The body of a Brandy Glass has a wide bottom and narrow top, the large area of the glass helps to evaporate the brandy, whilst the narrow top allows the aroma of the brandy to be trapped inside the glass enhancing the taste and scent of the brandy. Brandy Glasses help you sit back and relax, the aromas that are produced from brandy are enhanced due to the round bowl shape of these distinctive glasses.

Plastic Glasses: Plastic glasses is a very broad term that can refer to a number of different materials. Disposable plastic glasses are made from polystyrene and are designed for a single use before disposal. Re-Usable Plastic Glasses are usually made from Polystyrene however; the structure is a lot more rigid than the disposable equivalents, allowing for multiple uses before disposal. Finally, Polycarbonate Glasses are virtually unbreakable, Available in many different styles and shapes and work as a perfect replacement for glass. Polycarbonate glassware is dishwasher safe and will last just as long as any glass without the risk of breakage.

plastic glasses