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It makes sense to use plastic glassware for bars - can you tell the difference?

It makes sense to use plastic glassware for bars - can you tell the difference?

14/02/2017 06:13 AM |

A lovely location, a brilliant building and an amazing atmosphere for a party. You have found the optimum spot for your new hospitality venture and you are now looking to buy some items to complete your perfect picture. Rather than investing in delicate glassware that can be easily damaged during events, festivals or everyday casual drinking, here's why you should be purchasing plastic glasses for your bar, hotel or restaurant.

Why use plastic glasses?

Plastic glasses compare very well to standard glassware. Ascot Wholesale offers a large range of plastic glassware for bars and other establishments that can add just as much class as regular commercial glasses. The greatest benefit is that many of the glasses in their range are disposable and safe to use outdoors as they will not break or shatter like other glassware. This means that, no matter how much fun your clients have, you are less likely to wind up treating casualties caused by broken glass.

With a range of plastic glassware to choose from, including pint glasses, half pint glasses, wine glasses, champagne flutes and many more, all government stamped and CE marked for serving measured amounts of alcohol. Wine glasses and flutes also come in a variety of sizes to suit all requirements. With breakages costing businesses money, it is no wonder that plastic glassware is now so popular.

What are plastic glasses made from?

The obvious answer is 'plastic'. However, to understand a bit more about the great properties offered by plastic glassware, here are some facts. Ascot Wholesale's range of disposable plastic glassware for bars is primarily made from polystyrene. These items are therefore flexible, yet tough enough not to crack or split unless some force is applied. The collection of polycarbonate glasses, designed to be reused, is made to be virtually unbreakable, and the items are designed to look just like a normal pub beer glass or wine glass, which is a huge selling point. Some customers don't even notice the difference between a plastic glass and a standard glass. The plastic glassware products have been tested for strength and should be able to withstand the weight of a small car.

Plastic glasses becoming increasingly popular

In recent years, plastic glasses have soared in popularity with many landlords realising that breakage costs mount up. Polycarbonate glasses cope well in busy environments making them a perfect choice for bars or clubs. Nightclub owners are particularly keen on these unbreakable items as it keeps their dance floors free from dangerous debris. Meanwhile, though disposable plastic glassware has been a standard piece of catering equipment at most birthdays or events for many years, there is now so much variety when it comes to the polystyrene cups.

Not only available to commercial establishments, disposable plastic glassware can be purchased at Ascot Wholesale for domestic use too, whatever event you are planning.