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Must Have Commercial Kitchen Equipment For Restaurants

Must Have Commercial Kitchen Equipment For Restaurants

27/03/2017 06:10 AM |

It will take a vast amount of time and money to properly equip and furnish any restaurant. Developing a customised plan for your specific organisation is essential, and skimping on certain areas is therefore not an option. Take a look at the guide below for must-have items for all restaurants.

Production Equipment

Commercial kitchen equipment needs will vary between operations. However, whatever type of restaurant you plan to open, production equipment will definitely be required. It is likely a lot of this equipment will already be in place if you are leasing premises with a kitchen already installed. This can then be modified or added to, depending upon your ongoing needs. Installing a kitchen from scratch takes a little more time. Before making any purchases, take some time to seek out the most cost-efficient, versatile and energy-saving options.

If you are offering a full service, essential items will include the following: hand-washing sinks, preparation sinks, refrigerators, freezers, steam kettle, steamer, broiler, fryer, convection oven, griddle top, microwave oven, roll warmer, utensil rack, toaster, heat lamps, blenders, meat grinder, baker's tables and bins, a food cutter, slicers, mixers, a prep and steam table and a sandwich table. Additional smaller items which may be required may also include can openers, spatulas, pot holders, pans, spoons, tongs and ladles.

Drinks preparation equipment should be placed near to your service area and will generally need to consist of an ice machine, a coffee-maker, a soda system, a beverage stand, a water station and an ice cream cabinet.

Of course, these are only the rudimental beginnings of a commercial kitchen and you can then add whatever specific requirements you have in order to truly deliver the end results you have planned.

Dishwashing and Cleaning

There is a range of dishwashing options available, and the type you choose will very much depend on variables, such as the size of your restaurant. Under-counter dishwashers and pot washers are a minimum requirement, with the addition of a landing area, dish table, dishwashing sinks and a rubbish disposal area. A range of cleaning items will be needed, from brooms to dustpans and mops.

Receiving and Storage

All but the very smallest of facilities require a walk-in fridge-freezer. This will become the main area for receiving and storage and is incredibly important for keeping food fresh and of the best quality. This is an area where corners should never be cut. You will also require shelving, a breakdown table and a set of scales.

Bar Equipment

If your restaurant includes a bar and lounge area, you will need a range of equipment to set this up, from under-counter bar refrigerators to ice bins, drainage boards, sinks, beverage and beer dispensers and a till point. Don't forget glasses, bottle openers, ice crushers, blenders and mixers for here too.

Tableware and Miscellaneous

The seating capacity will determine how much tableware you will require. You will need a variety of spoons, forks and knives, as well as crockery, table cloths, napkins and salt, pepper and sugar dispensers.

Although at first it can feel like a daunting task, putting all of this together will prove an exciting process and of course it can all be personalised and expanded as your restaurant becomes more established.