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Personalised Cocktail Glasses

Personalised Cocktail Glasses

27/03/2017 07:19 AM |

Choosing the right glasses for your business can be tricky due to the large variety available. If you decide to go ahead and serve cocktails, you are entering a whole new area with a whole host of new choices. The glass can often make the cocktail what it is, so you should choose your selection wisely.

The Basics

The traditional cone shaped martini glass is the one glass that most people think of when it comes to cocktails. Although technically made just for martini based drinks, it can be used for a variety of cocktails which makes it a good all-rounder to start. The design of a martini glass makes sure that the customer can hold it without compromising the temperature of the drink which helps make quality cocktails.


One drawback of the Martini glass is its tendency to break or spill easily due to its long, slender stem. A stub glass is a good variation as it is made using a thick base, making it far sturdier. The same goes for the Margarita glass, which still has the look of a traditional cocktail glass but is less likely to break as easily. Using tumblers and bowls is another way to make your glassware last longer. Tumblers are classic and stylish, and although mainly used for drinks such as a White Russian, they can be used for others too. Bowls are especially popular for tropical and fruity drinks, especially as you can add fruit to garnish without it minimising the volume of drink in the glass too much.

Something Special

When looking to buy cocktail glasses, you might find that the traditional style is not always the best for you. Of course, it always works to have a staple collection, but if you want something that is a bit different you could go for some of the novelty glasses available. They can come in a range of colours and finishes, ranging from bright pink for an informal, fun venue or stainless steel which oozes sophistication. You can even buy cocktail glasses in the shape of goblets, jars or tiki mugs, which would be perfect to help your business stand out and create the wow factor, thus making the customer want to come back time and time again.

Size Matters

Once you have chosen the styles most suitable for your venue, don't forget to look at the sizes available. It's always good to have a range on offer so you can give the customer more choice. Shot glasses can also play a part in some cocktailsor they can be used on their own, so stocking some of these glasses may be wise.

Most glassware retailers will have a large selection of cocktail glasses for you to choose from. If it is all a bit overwhelming, some even offer basic packages which include two or three different styles to get you started. However, if you do your research and choose wisely, you can make your business stand out from the crowd.