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Pick Your Favourite Shot Glass with Care

Pick Your Favourite Shot Glass with Care

14/11/2016 06:07 AM |

A shot glass is a shot glass, right? Not necessarily! With so many options available, there is a lot to consider before you decide on the perfect shot glass for you and your business.

How many choices can there be?

When you're buying wholesale shot glasses for your business, there are lots of ways to go. Depending on your needs, you might opt for glass or you might need plastic. There are lots of looks to consider, too. Perhaps a mini pint glass or a shot glass with a handle will suffice, or maybe your customers would like to take their tipple from a skull? All this is just the tip of the shot glass iceberg.

You might be buying in bulk for a bar, a restaurant or a catering business. That means you've got a specific clientele to serve and a brand you believe in to represent. Next, you need the right look and feel for everything from your logo and beyond. The devil is so often in the detail, and you will therefore want to get them all just right. That is why even the humble - or sometimes not-so-humble - shot glass needs to be chosen with just as much care.

How your favourite shot glass can represent your business

Say you run a restaurant where everything is luxury and on trend for your contemporary diners. You don't want to give them any old glass, do you? You want a sophisticated look for every item in your dining room, and there is an endless choice for you when it comes to shots. There are glasses in sleek styles, and some are made of chic frosted glass. You'll find those that look like mini whisky tumblers and feel great in the hand, and there are even cut crystal shot glasses for a really upmarket look.

If you have a bar or a rock club? Cut crystal is probably not for you, but skulls definitely are. When your customers order a drink, they will be delighted to have it served to them in a skull-shaped shot glass. It represents everything your business is about, and your customers will really appreciate the touch. It is a fun item to see on an exotic night out and a staple emblem for a rock crowd.

Maybe you run an American diner and want the perfect, authentic look for everything in your bar. There are plenty of options available to suit your business too. There is the classic long and lean tequila shooter glass, the American shot glass with a rounded look, or the Boston shot glass, which looks like a mini tumbler. All of these choices are ideal for lending that Stateside feel.

These are just a few examples of the choices available for business owners in the world of shot glasses, proving they can say far more about your brand than you may have previously realised.

Before you commit to buying wholesale shot glasses, make sure you've got just the right glassware for your business.