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Picking the Perfect Champagne Bucket

Picking the Perfect Champagne Bucket

06/07/2017 11:26 AM |

With summer on the way, many of us will be looking forward to entertaining outdoors. Alongside BBQ equipment and outdoor furniture, a high quality champagne cooler should feature among your list of essentials for al fresco (and indoor) dining.

What You Need to Know About Chilling Champagne

Essentially a champagne cooler (otherwise known as a champagne bucket) is used to rapidly cool champagne and other wines. Serving a good quality champagne at the wrong temperature can impair it's taste and character, so this is a wine accessory that could make all the difference - particularly if you have wine buffs over for dinner! A wine cooler is a portable and more convenient option to storing your wine in the fridge. It is possible to keep the wine chilled on or by the table and therefore eliminates the need for various trips to the refrigerator.

Although even experts tend to differ in their opinions to the correct temperature champagne should be chilled to, in general somewhere between 39-48 degrees is considered adequate - although care should be taken with vintage champagnes, which should be at the higher end of this temperature scale around 46-48 degrees. The champagne should then be served in a flute, which will strengthen the aroma of the champagne and also help the flow of air bubbles. It's important to remember that while the drink itself should be served chilled, the flutes should always remain at room temperature.

Our Range

At Ascot Wholesale we are proud to stock a range of wine coolers in an array of sizes and styles. From contemporary, cost effective buckets ideal for afternoons in the garden to luxury, stainless steel coolers classy enough for a fancy dinner party, there is something to suit all purposes and budgets within our extensive collection.

We also offer champagne buckets that have different methods of cooling your fizz. For example, our double insulated coolers don't require water and work through the advanced thermal insulation technology that allows for more regulated temperature control. Our buckets are designed to fill with water and ice which makes for a traditional and more informal cooling process. We also offer a range of sizes, some of which are able to accommodate more than one bottle of wine or champagne to reduce those trips back to the kitchen or wine cellar.

We also offer a number of accessories to go with our champagne buckets, such as portable stands designed to stand next to the table and smaller holders designed to contain the bucket on the table top. With so many styles and sizes on offer there will undoubtedly be a champagne bucket to meet your needs and tastes.

Champagne is one of the most luxurious beverages on Earth and so it's important to treat it correctly. A champagne cooler is an easy to use, inexpensive accessory that can make all the difference to your champagne experience. So shop with us today and enjoy your fizz exactly how it's meant to be served.