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Plastic Glassware for Ease of Use & Comfort

Plastic Glassware for Ease of Use & Comfort

06/07/2017 09:21 AM |

If you are hosting a large event or party, it is likely that you have decided to avoid using glassware. This is because glassware is easily breakable, and the shards are sharp and dangerous. No-one wants to have an accident at their event, and thankfully plastic glasses are a great way to minimise risk so that everyone stays safe.

This is one of the reasons why plastic glasses are the perfect option for a large function, event or outdoor party. Plastic glasses look similar to normal glassware, and you can buy the glasses in a variety of different shapes and sizes, making them the ideal safe alternative to glassware.

Benefits of plastic glasses

Plastic glasses, especially single-use plastic glasses, are also normally much cheaper than standard glassware, so it is a great way to lower the costs for your event.

Plastic glassware is ideal for any event, from outdoor weddings to an ale festival. You can choose from a wide range of disposable glasses, including wine glasses, champagne flutes, beer tumblers, pint glasses, spirit tumblers and shot glasses. You can also buy wine glasses that are stamped with the CE marked line measurements, so that you always serve the perfect drink with the correct measurement.

Another benefit of using plastic glasses is that there is less cleaning up to do afterwards - simply dispose of the single use cups and wash the rest. You can also choose to recycle your cups, making them a more environmentally friendly option. Of course, there will also be no broken glass to clean up.

It may seem strange to assume that people would break their glasses, but glass is a very fragile material that can easily break. For instance, if they are taken out of a washing machine when they are still warm, the pressure can actually cause the glass to explode.

Glass isn't ideal if everyone at your event will be walking around with a drink, as it vastly increases the chances of an accident. Make sure that all of the guests at your event stay safe by investing in the right plastic glassware.

Can you break them?

The right plastic glasses will be almost unbreakable. For instance, the disposable glassware that is supplied by Ascot Wholesale is tough enough to be handled vigorously without cracking or breaking in half. The glasses are made using polycarbonate, which is virtually unbreakable. This is why plastic glasses are now used in hundreds of pubs, bars and clubs across the UK. This can also help to minimise the amount of violent attacks with glass.

Polycarbonate glasses are made using the same material that is used to make motorbike crash helmets, bulletproof windows and riot shields, so customers can ensure that they won't break while they are using them. This is great for drinking establishments, as it means that glass breakages can be completely avoided.

Overall, plastic glasses are an excellent choice for your event as they are unbreakable, affordable and easy to wash.