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Should You Prefer a Glasswasher Over a Dishwasher?

Should You Prefer a Glasswasher Over a Dishwasher?

08/06/2017 07:24 AM |

When choosing a commercial ware washer for your business, you might be tempted to go for a one-stop solution of a dishwasher, but a glasswasher which is designed to efficiently wash glassware and provide sparkling results every time might be preferable.

Make it Sparkle

While dishwashers and glasswashers appear to carry out the same function, having a separate glasswasher is a good investment. They are machines designed specifically to wash large quantities of glassware, making them a great asset for a catering establishment which has high drinks orders. Because they are only filled with glass items, they can ensure you get sparkling clean glasses at the end of each wash.

A dishwasher is too much cleaning for delicate glassware, as they will be overexposed to the highest temperatures required for very dirty pots and pans. A washer designed simply for glassware uses weaker detergent in a shorter cycle, resulting in very little damage to glasses, and you will find there are no streaks or white marks left on the glass.

They are also made to work quickly and efficiently, with many able to wash and rinse a full rack of glass in less than two minutes, meaning your bar always has enough for serving. They come with two glasswasher racks, allowing you to fill the second rack while the other is in the machine. This means that even a medium sized glasswasher can clean more than 200 glasses an hour.

What's the Difference?

Commercial dishwashers are designed to wash plates and other crockery at a higher heat and in a different way to glasses, making them an inferior cleaning solution. You could damage your glassware by using one and their washing cycles are typically much slower. Although there are dishwashers available that wash plates and glasses, glasswashers make more sense economically as they are normally more affordable and offer a higher output because of their quick cycles. This means they are the best choice for businesses where there is focus on drinks.

What to Consider Before Buying

Look at the amount of space you have available in your kitchen area, ideally finding space close to the serving area so you can keep up with demand and limit the amount of time between each wash cycle. You'll also need to consider what sort of drainage the machine will need. Washers which are suitable only for glasses operate in a similar way to dishwashers, draining either through a gravity or drain pump. You'll need a drain pump if the waste outlet is lower than the drain standpipe. A ware washer stand can also be used to raise any machine above the drain.