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Sophisticated Champagne Glasses Available Online

Sophisticated Champagne Glasses Available Online

27/03/2017 07:29 AM |

A special occasion calls for the right glass selection to enhance champagne or sparkling wine, there are so many different shapes and designs to choose from that it can make your job difficult. The following guide details how to pick the most sophisticated champagne glasses online.

Style and Taste

Wine connoisseurs will tell you that the taste of champagne is affected by the shape of the glass you drink it out of, so you need to think carefully before choosing your glassware.

Firstly, you need to take into consideration the rim of the glass, which should be wide enough to be able to smell the wonderful champagne aromas. This is followed by the bowl, the main part of the glass which contains the liquid. As with the rim, the wider the bowl, the more aroma there will be.

The base of the bowl affects the stream of bubbles, with a pointy base giving you fine bubbles in a single stream. Finally, the material you choose, with crystal being the finest, also affects the champagne's taste.

It is best to have a thinner material which interacts less with your palate and therefore doesn't affect the flavour. Crystal is lighter and more delicate, which makes it perfect for tasting champagne but of course, as these are delicate then they can be easily broken.


The classic champagne glass design, the elegant flute is good for keeping bubbles and is best for very dry sparkling wines such as Brut and Extra Brut.


This glass style has a wide bowl which allows more floral aromas to be collected, making it ideal for fruity sparkling wines. Wine experts often recommend a tall tulip glass because of its small rim and height, which keeps the bubbles for longer.

Wide Tulip

This style of glass is suitable for fine sparkling wines, including vintage champagne, as they can collect sweet flavours and will highlight the beautiful aroma.


A classic 1950s design, these make bubbles disperse quickly, which makes the champagne taste fruitier and softer. It's also a fun glass which adds a sense of occasion.


Another choice to make is whether to go for a classic straight stem or add interest with a twisted or thicker stem. Try to avoid glasses that hold liquid inside the stem, as this means it will be warmed from being held.


Once you've decided on the shape of your glass, you'll need to decide if it is going to be durable enough for your needs. Champagne glasses are top-heavy with elegant stems, which mean they are more likely to be knocked over or slide off a tray. You may decide to go for a glass that is sturdier like a tulip glass rather than the delicate flute.


Decide if you're willing to wash your champagne glasses by hand. If you're not, you'll be better off going for standard glass, which can handle a dishwasher, whereas fine crystal needs more care.

Whether you prefer a classic flute or a more modern glass, do your research to make sure your supplier has a wide variety of high-quality products that meets your needs.