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Special Features of the Ice Makers for Sale

Special Features of the Ice Makers for Sale

14/02/2017 06:02 AM |

The ice machines on sale at Ascot Wholesaleare of the highest quality, but cover a range of budgets and sizes. Many of them boast special features, distinguishing them as the best online buys in the ice machine market. Read on for a quick guide to the best special features of the ice machines on sale.

Air Cooling & Mains Water

All of our ice machines are air cooled and most feature front ventilation, which is safer and easier to clean. Nearly all of our ice machines are mains water fed, which means you never need to worry about topping up the water.

High Ice Production

Depending on your commercial needs for an ice machine, one that produces a large amount of ice in a small time is ideal. Many of our small, standard machines produce from 15 - 50 kg of ice, which is ideal for smaller cafes and pubs. Our larger industrial ice machines make up to 844 kg of ice. Full ice capacity can be produced in just 24 hours on most machines, although many offer express ice production, being able to create more ice every few minutes. All of our machines produce a good amount of ice according to their size, and as a business owner you will need to calculate a formula based on both your ice needs and your available space, in order to work out which is the ideal machine for your needs.

Built in Cleaning

Many of our top ice machines feature a self-cleaning mechanism. This includes many Hoshizaki models which boast the Advanced Cleancycle2™Design, which purifies and flushes the water every 12 hours.

Ergonomic Design

All of our ice machines feature a special ergonomic design, which enables the user easy and roomy access to ice. Well thought out, ergonomic design also applies to the handles, doors and general access to the machine.

Drain Pumps

Some of our models require businesses to also buy a drain pump, but some come with a drain pump included, which will save you money.

Extra Special Features

Look out for extra special features such as Spray Technology, which helps produce longer lasting clear ice and ice that comes out in shapes such as thimbles.


Our ice machines boast different warranties depending on their manufacturer, but some offer up to three years labour and parts warranty. Check the warranty carefully and if necessary extend it so that you can have added peace of mind. Those who choose to hire purchase rather than buy a machine will have warranty for the duration of the hire period. It's always best to make sure you have a warranty that includes labour as well as parts, as labour can be costly.

All of our ice makers for sale have been selected because they are made by reputable manufactures. All boast special features, whether it's their huge capacity, ergonomic design, express ice production, self cleaning feature or just an extra long warranty.