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The Multiple Benefits of Cocktail Shakers

The Multiple Benefits of Cocktail Shakers

23/08/2017 06:00 AM |

If you own a bar or have a home bar, cocktail shakers are an essential investment. Cocktail shakers give you the chance to make a wide range of delicious drinks and cocktails, and they are also beautiful items that add sophistication and style to your bar.

There are a few different types of shakers, and in this article we go through the main three types of cocktail shakers and their benefits.

The Benefits of the Boston Cocktail Shaker

The Boston shaker is one of the most common cocktail shakers around, and it is most frequently seen in the hands of professional cocktail apprentices and bartenders. The shaker is a large metal tin that comes with a mixing glass that you add together to shake the drink. You simply put the drink in the mental tin before sealing the mixing glass over the top so that you can safely shake the drink without spilling any. To unseal the mixer you should tap the side of the tin.

The main benefit of the Boston shaker is that they are very easy to clean and use, so they are ideal for both beginners and experts. They are also very easy to store as you can put the glass inside the tin.

The Benefits of the Cobbler Cocktail Shaker

The Cobbler shaker is perhaps the most popular cocktail shaker, and it has a few different advantages. One of the main advantages is that it is sold in most stores so they are easy to buy, and they are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to meet any need. You will be able to find bigger shakers for cocktail bars and smaller shakers that are perfect for home use.

Another benefit is that the shakers are also very easy to use - simply add ice and the ingredients to the tin, place the strainer top on, place the lid on and shake. As the shaker is so easy to use and relatively mess free it is ideal for amateur bartenders.

The Cobbler is also another beautiful shaker, so it makes the perfect bar ornament with a purpose.

The Benefits of the Parisian Cocktail Shaker

The Parisian shaker has become more popular in recent years, but it has actually been around for centuries. The shaker is very stylish to look at, and it is often classed as the middle ground between the Boston shaker and the Cobbler shaker. It has a similar appearance to the Cobbler but it is missing a built-in strainer, so it isn't as easy to use as the Cobbler. For this reason, the shaker is best suited to professional bartenders.

One of the main benefits of the Parisian shaker is that is it slightly easier to open than the Cobbler. It is also very easy to clean!

While all these shakers are ideal for making cocktails, you should consider each option and its different benefits before making a decision - especially if you are new to cocktail shaking!