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The Top 5 Bar Essentials and Their Uses

The Top 5 Bar Essentials and Their Uses

02/12/2016 11:37 AM |


Once you have your premises sorted, you'll need to look at stocking the bar. There is no official list of what you should have in a 'well-stocked bar', because it will depend on demand from your clientele. Expect it to be an ongoing process that will need tweaking until you find your own perfect list.

As a starting point, get a range of beers, lagers and ciders - on tap or in bottles. Then wine - red, white, sparkling, vermouth and rosé as well - and some standard spirits. These should include gin, rum, whisky, vodka, tequila and brandy. The brands will be up to you.

You will also want some liqueurs, though the extent of stock will depend on how many cocktails you plan to make, as well as the range. Mixers will be a given: lemonade, cola, water (soda and tonic), fruit juices, milk. Also consider fruit such as lemon, lime, cherry and so on as garnishes.

Good Glasses

Start with a good set of wine glasses. These should include different sizes and flutes for champagne or sparkling wine. Most glasses for the trade these days will be dishwasher-safe, but it is worth checking as cloudy glasses do not look good, even if they are spotlessly clean.

A good bar will also need beer glasses, in pint and half-pint sizes, glasses for serving whisky and brandy and shot glasses. Depending on the nature of the bar, you might also want to have supplies of the most widely used cocktail glass shapes, such as a Martini glass.

Vacuum Bottle Stoppers

If your bar will sell wine by the glass, you'll need a good bottle stopper to prevent the wine spoiling. A vacuum saver takes air out of the open bottle and reseals it. Once it's airtight again, oxidation is stopped, which is what causes the wine to deteriorate. They are worth the additional cost over a 'standard' bottle stop because of the wine it will save you losing.

Cocktail Shaker and Tools

As a starting point, get a set that will include a basic cutting board, knife, double-jigger, shaker, strainer, tongs and a stirrer to get you started. You can always add or replace elements as your business grows, but having a basic set means you're ready when the first request comes in.

Towels and Cloths

Although not the top of anyone's wish list, cloths to wipe spills, more cloths for cleaning equipment and towels for drying up and keeping on the bar to catch drips and spills are essential. They will help you maintain a clean environment which is vital for the ultimate success of your business; if customers don't like the ambiance, they won't come back.

There are lots of great stockists of good bar essentials online, so do some research.

Remember that your drinks will only be as good as your ingredients and your equipment, so it is worth investing some time and money into getting that right first off.