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Choosing Cocktail Glasses: Things You Need to Know

Choosing Cocktail Glasses: Things You Need to Know

13/01/2017 09:31 AM |

The festive period is a key time for upgrading your drinkware. But before you buy cocktail glasses to get you through Christmas and the New Year, it's best to have a few things in mind first, so that you can get the right type for your own needs.

The Shape You Want

Before you buy cocktail glasses, think about the shape that you like. Most come in the traditional cone shape, although there are increasingly other shapes available too, such as tumbler shapes and bowls, which are more reminiscent of wine glasses.

The key to buying the right shape is also to know what type of cocktail you are likely to be serving in it. If you like Martinis, then it is correct to have a traditional Martini-specific glass. On the other hand, if you like White Russians, then you'll need a tumbler and plenty of ice. Prefer fancy cocktails such as Sex On The Beach or a Pina Colada? Tall glasses or bowl shapes work well with these - and don't forget your accessories! Bowl shaped cocktail glasses are particularly popular for tropical cocktails, and especially those that are mixed with ice.

The Reasons for Having Cocktail Glasses of Different Shapes

Why are there different shapes for different drinks? Some of this is down to tradition and style, but there is also an element of functionality involved. For example, a Martini glass has a long stem, so you can hold the glass without changing the temperature of the drink itself. Stub glasses are an alternative to stemmed glasses and use a thick base instead to prevent the drink from warming. They tend to be more robust and are a good choice if you are entertaining at a party or where there might be breakages.

Colours and Materials

As well as plain glass cocktail glasses you will find a range of coloured glass options, as well as metals and crystal. Look for patterns, engravings and other types of decoration if you like something a little jazzy. Smoked glass can look moody whereas gold and silver are popular for colour pops and embellishments. Cut crystal is beautiful in soft lighting and plain glass is timeless.

Gifting Cocktail Gasses

Cocktail glasses also make a lovely gift, and you can buy cocktail gift sets which are boxed and which come with stirrers, parasols and other quirky accessories to bring fancy drinks to life and get the party started!