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Tips & Tricks to Buying Ice Machines Online

Tips & Tricks to Buying Ice Machines Online

06/07/2017 11:04 AM |

There is a huge variety of ice machines competing for your attention online. To avoid becoming overwhelmed during your search, we've collected the best tips and tricks for you to refer to.


Ask yourself the exact purpose your ice machine needs to serve. Each type of ice has a specific function, so it's essential you choose the most appropriate machine for your needs.

Cube Ice

Cube ice refers to a full and half cube of ice. The best use for this type of ice is in drinks, because it melts slower than other types and it makes drinks look great.

Flaked Ice

Flaked ice is worth its weight in gold, because it helps keeps produce such as fish at an optimum temperature without getting freezer burn. Often used by delis, supermarkets and street vendors to create attractive beds of ice packed around trays and containers, it is also a popular choice for cocktails and smoothies because it's kinder to blender blades.

Bullet Ice

Versatile bullet ice can fulfil the same functions as flaked and cubed ice. One drawback is that as it's made faster than cubed ice, it melts faster too. You may also know bullet ice as "chewable" ice, making it a popular choice in the child-care and healthcare industries.

Gourmet Ice

Also known as "spray" ice, this option is regarded as the best ice. Popular for formal functions and events, this crystal clear ice takes the longest to melt. Bear in mind, however, that spray ice takes longer to produce too - make sure you consider your level of demand.


As soon as you remove ice from its storage bin, it loses temperature. It's critical the ice machine is placed in a suitable location to avoid excessive wastage. You'll also need to make sure the area has easy access to water and electricity (depending on the type of machine you purchase).

Water- or Air-Cooled?

This choice relates to how the ice machine adapts itself to the surrounding temperature.


More economical, air-cooled ice machines need plenty of clear space surrounding the vents to ensure effective air flow.


Water-cooled machines require access to electricity so the condenser can be cooled efficiently. The advantage here is that this type of ice machine can be placed in a poorly ventilated or warmer area. They can be costly to operate, however, because of their constant need for water supply. As a result, you will also need to periodically check for lime-scale build-up.


It's crucial to remember that ice is food. This means it involves the same hygiene and safety standards as food. The ice will need to be handled hygienically and safely to avoid contamination and compromise to the final product.

Purchasing your ice machine online is simple - if you know what you are looking for. Clarity is essential before you begin shopping. These tips and tricks will help troubleshoot any potential pitfalls and issues before they arise. Happy shopping!