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Tips for buying sophisticated wine glasses online

Tips for buying sophisticated wine glasses online

12/09/2017 10:36 AM |

While many of us do much of our shopping online these days, there are some things it can be tricky to purchase from an image on the screen. You probably wouldn't want to purchase a sofa, for example, without trying it out for size and comfort. Similarly, it can be difficult to choose the ideal wine glass without being able to see them in person and get a feel for the weight and quality. If you do a little research, however, you'll find it much easier to spot which glasses will best suit your needs.

Here are a few tips to ensure you're not disappointed with your new purchase.

Red, white or sparkling?

If you're happy with a single style of wine glass, that's great. You'll probably be far more flexible and will find it easier to find a glass you're happy with. If, however, you prefer to use separate glasses for red, white and sparkling wines, you'll have to do a little more research.

Red wine glasses are usually larger than other wine glasses. They tend to have a full, rounded bowl with a large opening that lets you fully enjoy the wine's various aromas. Red wines require more surface area so that more of the wine can come into contact with the air. This lets the complex aromas of a classic red wine develop. If you favour heavy, full-bodied reds - including Merlot and Cabernet - you will find tall glasses are your best bet. If you prefer a lighter red, you might find something with a larger bowl works better with the wine's flavours.

Glasses designed to be used to serve white wine are smaller than those designed for reds, and you will notice they are more u-shaped than rounded. If you favour a more mature white, opt for a taller and straighter bowl design that deposits the wine to the back of your mouth. If you prefer young, light whites, a glass with a wider opening is better.

Everyone is familiar with the classic champagne flute, designed to minimise the surface area of the drink that is in contact with the air in order to preserve the fizz. These glasses are also suitable for sparkling wines, prosecco and cava.

Rose wine is often served in a white wine glass, but a more mature rose works very well in a glass more like those intended for red wines.

The matter of size

Standard pub measures for wine in the UK are 125ml, 175ml and 250ml. If you love a large glass, you'll want to opt for 250ml glasses when shopping online. You'll probably find a 125ml too small for most occasions, although it's good to have a variety of sizes if you have a lot of social gatherings or like to serve a wide variety of wines. Dessert wines and fortified wines are served in smaller quantities, so smaller glasses are ideal for these sweeter or stronger wines.

When choosing the ideal wine glass for any occasion then by taking into consideration all of the points above you will definitely make the correct choice to suit your exact needs.