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Tips on Choosing the Perfect Champagne Bucket

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Champagne Bucket

04/11/2016 12:36 PM |

With Christmas and New Year just around the corner now, many people will be busy planning celebrations that may well involve a bottle or two of champagne. While much emphasis is often placed on the quality of the beverage itself (including its age and brand), we may forget to consider the cooler or bucket it will be kept in. This is important because non-vintage champagne is designed to be served chilled - ideally between 40 and 45 degrees - to bring out the flavour of the wine. Not only this, but coolers are a practical and sophisticated storage solution that deserve some consideration in their own right. But what sort of champagne bucket is best for you? Here are some things to think about.


Different-sized coolers are available on the market, so consider how many people you are likely to be catering for and how many bottles you'll need chilling at any given time. Standard champagne buckets are designed to fit one bottle, but others with a larger capacity of two or even three are also available. Consider the size of the bottle of your chosen brand (they can vary), and bear in mind that there is no standard sizing structure for coolers - they are available in a range of styles that may not always accommodate the same size of bottles.


There is a wide variety of champagne buckets on the market, meaning there is sure to be something to suit all tastes and budgets. Cheaper buckets tend to be made from plastic, but they are not particularly durable or aesthetically pleasing. More commonly, people opt for buckets made from materials such as stainless steel, aluminium or crystal which are built to last. They can be bought in a range of styles and colours, varying from timeless classic buckets to contemporary containers and even novelty items such as bowls and barrel-shaped holders. The nature of your celebration may play a part in determining what style is appropriate for you.


A good-quality champagne bucket is both a useful and impressive gift. On an occasion worthy of a big celebration (such as a major birthday or anniversary) presenting a loved one with a specially engraved cooler means giving them a personalised gift that they can treasure forever and bring out again at future celebrations.


Space can be an issue when it comes to keeping several buckets on a dinner table, so if you are likely to struggle then consider buying a bucket that comes with a compatible stand. This enables you to keep your cooler off the table, but still within easy reach.