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Tips to Buying Wholesale Plastic Glasses Online

Tips to Buying Wholesale Plastic Glasses Online

08/06/2017 06:17 AM |

When catering for a large party or an outdoor event, you will need to think about the food to provide as well as how to serve it. You'll need ample plates, cutlery and glasses. You may also need disposable cutlery and plates so there isn't a mountain of washing-up to do afterwards. Also, plastic glasses are much safer than glass, with some being suitable for multiple use rather than single use.

Buying Glasses Online

Firstly, you'll need to work out how many people you are catering for and how many glasses they will need. They may need one for water, another for Champagne if it is being served, a third for soft drinks or beer, and another for wine. To keep the expenses down, you can bulk-buy plastic glasses online from a wholesaler. You can order online from a reputable company which will issue a proper invoice for your expenses. Decide whether you want single-use glasses which can be recycled at the end of the event or whether you want to invest in glasses which can be used time and time again. The advantage of multi-use glasses is that you can store them to use at other events.

You can get polystyrene disposable glasses which are flexible and suitable for festivals or other outdoor catering events where you would not want to use glass. For multi-use glasses, you can get some which are virtually unbreakable and are made of polycarbonate. Some pubs and clubs are using these instead of glass, which gives an indication of how tough and long-lasting they are. They also cut down on breakages, as glass will break when dropped or even when being put back on the shelves. This won't happen with the polycarbonate glasses, because they use the same material found in crash helmets or riot shields, which have to withstand tremendous force. The glasses can also come with the pub measurements on them, so you can serve a full pint, half pint or 'glass of wine' measures.

Looking Fantastic in Plastic

The range on offer is impressive, with glasses available for wine, beer, water, shots, cocktails, coffee and even ice-cream sundaes. If you're making fruity drinks or sangria, you can even get plastic jugs - so no chance of it breaking while serving guests. You'll also find many designs, from a good old-fashioned tumbler to glasses which look like the finest crystal. This means you can select glasses to suit all occasions, from a casual music festival to a stylish society wedding.

When buying online, check to see whether you have to pay extra for delivery or if you get a discount by buying in bulk. You will find plenty of reusable and disposable glasses in different styles and colours. So shopping online is an easy way to choose your glasses and goblets, decide on how many you require and fill in the order form. Being plastic, they are also easy to wash in a dishwasher and store without fear of breakages.