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Top Five Items of Catering Equipment for Restaurants

Top Five Items of Catering Equipment for Restaurants

23/08/2017 06:42 AM |

When it comes to kitting out a commercial kitchen or restaurant, there are some things that are essential for smooth service, easy prep and seamless operations. We've rounded up the top five items that every kitchen needs, whether they are serving takeaway meals, a buffet or have an a la carte menu.

A Salamander Grill

A salamander grill is something that will benefit every kitchen and is an essential piece of catering equipment. This grill can be used to cook food to perfection. It can be used to brown food or for flash heating. It's a versatile appliance that can be used in a multitude of ways and for numerous different dishes. Salamander grills can be used for meat, fish and chicken or for vegetables and dishes like lasagne or cannelloni. The element sits at the top, so there's no risk of juices dripping and causing a fire, and food can be kept warm in this way too.

Bratt Pans

Just as versatile as the salamander grill, Bratt pans are another must-have item. These pans are ideal for large-scale production and consist of a large, deep cooking pot and pan. Perfect for braising, shallow frying, sealing and many other cooking applications, these pans can perform up to eight cooking functions. They are able to boil, braise, poach, steam and stew and can be used for roasting and frying too.

Chest Freezers

Keeping fresh produce frozen or chilled is essential in any kitchen, and you need catering equipment you can rely on. Chest freezers work incredibly well for storing large amounts of perishables and can retain an even temperature that ensures that food safety is never compromised. Easy to access and simple to stack and rotate, chest freezers are a crucial addition to any kitchen, especially if the option of a walk-in freezer is not available.

Commercial Microwaves

Also an essential in any commercial kitchen, a microwave that can handle the pace and pressure of a professional kitchen is a must-have tool. Conventional ovens cook at a far slower rate than a microwave, and heating anything up in them may also cause food to dry out. A microwave heats things up quickly, from the inside out, and prevents drying. While microwaves cannot be used for all types of food, there are several instances that they are essential and can therefore make service that much faster.

Bain Maries

Perfect for slow cooking or keeping food hot once cooked, bainmaries are an excellent addition to any kitchen. Available in wet and dry options, these heating dishes can contain multiple containers and can keep different foods and sauces hot at the same time. Ideal for keeping food at a consistent temperature, a bainmarie makes serving consistently hot food easy.

These five pieces of catering equipment are a requirement in every kitchen and are ideal for use in the restaurant trade. Commercial catering appliances are designed to make serving large amounts of food easy, all while ensuring that it stays tasty too.