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Top Five Types of Ice Makers with Varying Functions

Top Five Types of Ice Makers with Varying Functions

26/09/2017 10:33 AM |

The kind of ice maker you choose depends on the options that really matter to you. Do you want supremely elegant, crystal clear thimbles of ice? Or are functional ice cubes OK? Do you need to produce a large amount of ice for a nightclub or race stand, or do you just want enough for a couple of ice buckets? Is it important to you how long the ice takes to melt?

Read on, for a guide to the top five ice makers for various kinds of hospitality business.

Entry Level Ice Makers

Try the Polar Manual Ice Maker which produces a respectable 15kg of ice and lets you choose the size of the cubes. It's a table top, manually filled machine, and at 22kg it's pretty portable. With 12 bullet shaped cubes zipping out every 10 minutes it's ideal for summer drinks parties on the lawn, community events, travelling kiosks or smaller restaurants.

Value for Money, Hard Working Machines

The Halcyon range are very economical but will produce ice quickly. For example, the Halcyon Ice 45 produces hard, cylinder-shaped cubes that take a long time to melt - great if you're serving drinks at summer events, or in hot venues.

The storage capacity tells you how much ice the machine can make. The Halcyon Ice 45 can make 45 kg in 24 hours. It also has a storage bin for 18kg, so you can make this in advance.

Hygiene Features

If hygiene is a key concern, for example if the icemaker is going to be used in a health setting, try a model like the Hoshizaki IM-21CNE. This reduces possible contamination by using a closed water circuit. This means that there are fewer points at which impurities can affect the ice. It flushes after every cycle to maintain ice quality. Features such as door gaskets can be removed for cleaning to keep the machine operating hygienically. It's built of stainless steel and has integrated door handles, also great for good hygiene and easy cleaning.

Compact and Reliable Best Sellers

The Whirlpool K20 and K40 ice makers are simple, robust machines that operate reliably and are therefore popular choices. They are both compact, and the K20 in particular, will fit into small spaces in bars and can be fitted as a unit. They make 20 kg of ice in 24 hours.

Another option for compact operation are the Manitowoc Sotto Ice machines which have been redesigned as plug-and-play under counter machines. These machines are for drinks where customers want a couple of large cubes of ice rather than lots of smaller cubes. This is a very productive model, capable of making up to 31kg of ice in 24 hours.

The High End Machine

If money is no object, the Manitowoc I1800 is the best choice. It has intelligent diagnostics, an ice sensing probe, can produce 844kg of ice in 24 hours and has programmable volume and ice types. Definitely one for large venues and high demand.