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Top reasons to use a commercial ice machine

Top reasons to use a commercial ice machine

27/03/2017 07:01 AM |

Never run out of ice

Basic and affordable, commercial ice machines commonly churn out as much as 50 kg of ice over a twenty-four hour period. Some top of the range models can produce an astonishing 844 kg/24hrs. However, even the middle range rate of a 50 kg/24hrs rate breaks down to an impressive 2 kg per hour, which should be more than enough to keep all the beverages served during that period nice and cold, even in a large hotel or restaurant bar.

It is surprising how much ice you can get through, bearing in mind that you probably put five or six cubes in each drink. There are a large number of different makes and models of ice machines on the market, and you can choose one which has an output appropriate to your establishment. Many models specify not just the weight of ice that they can produce in a set amount of time, but the exact number of cubes. This will help you to decide which model to choose. You can also choose between manual fill models, where you just top up a water reservoir, or a more industrial model, which requires a connection to mains water and drainage.

Everyone loves ice

It is fairly unthinkable to imagine trying to run a bar, club, restaurant or cafe without ice. Any drink involving spirits requires the addition of ice. In fact, many spirit based drinks would be unpalatable without it, as ice works to temper the alcohol and take the edge off strong liquor. Of course, it is also the only way to keep drinks tasting great, particularly if they are served in hot weather. Drinks served in nightclubs would be tepid within moments if it were not for ice.

Another benefit of having a commercial ice machine is that ice adds bulk to drinks. You can make your expensive liquors and mixers work harder for you by bulking out your drinks with ice. Obviously, you have to be reasonable, nobody will be happy if you take this too far into stinginess, but ice can help your drinks menu on the way to making you a profit.

Fancy cubes

Some ice machines are very clever and can produce ice cubes that are more than just ordinary cubes. With the right technology, you can produce ice cubes which are harder and more compacted. These, therefore, melt more slowly. Again, this will save you time and money, because you can use fewer cubes per glass. This will save money in terms of energy efficiency too. So don't assume that the cheapest, most basic ice machines will work out to be the best value for money. You can also choose from many different shapes of cube.

To summarise, it is pretty unthinkable to go without an ice machine in your catering establishment. You are certain to find a model which suits your budget, tastes and requirements. Once you have one, you won't be able to live without it and you certainly will not look back!