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Top Three Uses for Quality Glasswashers

Top Three Uses for Quality Glasswashers

14/09/2017 05:47 AM |

As an essential component of an exceptional dining experience, hospitality businesses rightfully invest a lot of time and money into choosing the perfect glassware to accompany their thoughtfully considered drinks menus. Ensuring glassware exceeds the expectations of customers is an essential component in the provision of a first-class customer experience, and as commercial glasswashers quickly prove their worth, they are a sound investment for every hard-working hospitality and customer-focused business.

Glasswashers Secure Sparkling Glassware Every Time

With online reviews and social media recommendations carrying more sway than ever before across a wide variety of industries, busy restaurants, bars and hotels never want to be let down by stained or cloudy glassware.

Commercial glass washers have been carefully designed to distribute detergents and ensure thorough rinsing to deliver sparklingly clean results every time. The rinsing process also ensures quality beers retain exceptional heads as well as ensuring they never taste flat, which means that business owners and bar managers can feel safe in the knowledge that their customers always experience superior service and products.

Efficient and Safe Glass Cleaning

Ensuring glassware is kept in top condition is important, as every business needs to get the most out of every investment. With professional glasswashers there is no risk of causing unnecessary damage as, unlike commercial dishwashers which utilise extreme temperatures and often harsh cleaning movements, they use a unique water flow and pressure system to guarantee thorough cleaning.

Offering speedy two-minute cleaning cycles, glass washers quickly become an essential component of providing consistently efficient service, even during exceptionally busy times, as additional baskets allow team members to load up the next batches of glasses for cleaning while the washer is still in operation.

As well as being time efficient, they are also cost efficient. Despite being able to clean up to a thousand glasses every hour, commercial washers have been designed to clean thoroughly using minimal water and electricity, making them sound investments for every hospitality business.

Compact Cleaning and Delivering a First-Class Customer Experience

Available in a variety of compact sizes, washers can be easily installed into the most convenient locations for team members, whether that be underneath a counter or in an unusually small space. Removing the need for team members to carry large quantities of heavy glassware across business premises, they are free to dedicate their time to providing customers with expert knowledge and exceptional customer service.

In busy restaurants, particularly during peak times, it is somewhat inevitable that there will occasionally be components of service that don't run as smoothly as possible. By ensuring the bar area has its own glasswasher, even if their table or food order is slightly delayed, customers are free to enjoy their drink of choice from a sparkling glass, delivered to them with impeccable customer service.

Sophisticated cleaning systems utilising the unique benefits of professional glass washers ensure that businesses can consistently demonstrate a desire to go above and beyond, impressing even their most discerning customers and securing maximum memorability for all the right reasons, every time.