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Understand wine glasses and choose the correct one

Understand wine glasses and choose the correct one

27/03/2017 06:26 AM |

If you're looking to purchase new glassware, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of styles and sizes available. Each glass is tailored to a different drinks category so it's well worth doing your research and finding out what you really need.

What do I need?

Whilst some may argue that you need to have a specific glass for each of the drinks you serve, it may not always be the case. By stocking up on the main styles available you are ensuring that your drinks will be served with style and class whilst also making sure that you are not left without space to store them all. Of course, choosing different sizes for the traditional glasses will also benefit your restaurant.

What drinks will you serve?

When choosing which stemware to go for, you first need to look at the drinks you are offering. If you have an extensive wine list, then choosing different glasses for the red and white wine might be a good idea. Although it is unlikely that your customer will be disappointed in receiving their drink in a standard wine glass. By serving their Sancerre and Cabernet Sauvignon in different glasses will create an air of sophistication and provides the impression that as an establishment, you really know your wines.

Popular drinks

It is always advisable to consider which drinks in your collection will become the most popular. Casual pubs and restaurants will find that standard wine glasses will suffice, although stocking cocktail and flute glasses in addition may be more appropriate if you are in a lively area where people may come to celebrate. You can even purchase coloured wine glasses which will always be great for a themed restaurant, or even just to make your venue a little different from the others.

Choosing a supplier

When searching for your glassware then there are numerous options for purchase, you may find that buying your wine glasses online is the best way to go. By purchasing online, you are able to see the many styles available side by side along with their price which can make it easy to compare. Some online suppliers may also have better prices when buying in bulk compared to local suppliers so it's definitely worth doing your homework and analysing a few websites. You will be surprised at just how affordable glasses can be.

What to look out for

Another advantage of sourcing wine glasses online, is the product information that is readily available. You are able to see whether their stock is CE marked which is essential when buying your glass ware. This shows that these products meet EU health and safety requirements so you can ensure that you are buying quality products that will be safe to serve your customers with. Choosing products made by leading manufacturers is also a great way to make sure that you will be buying excellent stemware.

With such an array of wine glasses available, it is important that you do your research before parting with your cash to ensure you have exactly what you need for your restaurant at the best price available.