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Useful Tips for Buying Portable Ice Makers

Useful Tips for Buying Portable Ice Makers

14/08/2017 12:27 PM |

Portable ice machines are incredibly versatile. When you have one, it is possible to make ice wherever there is an electric outlet. This opens up a range of entertaining possibilities, from barbecues to outdoor parties. Extra ice is always good to have on hand, even when entertaining at home, and ice makers are frequently becoming a part of a well-equipped kitchen to eliminate the bother of monitoring ice trays. However, there are a few things you should know before purchasing a portable ice maker, as they are available in different outputs and sizes.

The Right Choice

Selecting the right ice machine means thinking about the circumstances in which you will use it and how much ice you think you will need. If you are regularly throwing large parties, then your requirements will be different compared with providing extra chilling power for a home bar that only caters to small groups.

Factors you need to look at include the time it takes for ice machines to produce ice. Some models can make it in less than 10 minutes. Another important variable is the machine's capacity, or how much ice it can produce in a 24-hour time period. To produce from 10kg to 20kg of ice in that time is quite common. The storage bin is also important. An insulated bin will be better for storing ice without melting for longer periods, but it will be limited by how much ice can fit in it. If you are concerned about the bin overflowing, look for a machine that is equipped with a mechanism for sensing how much ice is in the storage bin and will cease production until there is more space. Do not be confused by the difference between storage and capacity. Storage is a measurement of how much ice the machine can retain in its bin. Capacity is how much ice the machine can make.

Quality and Appearance

The water you put in your ice maker will have an effect on the quality of ice produced. Filtered water will make ice of a superior quality, and water that is as pure as possible will contribute to the longevity of your machine by causing less limescale build-up.

Some ice machines make ice in one shape only; other models can offer cubes of different dimensions, crushed ice or ice that is shaped like a bullet. If flexibility in the type of ice is important, then look for a machine that has options, along with a screen for displaying these that is clear and easy to operate.

Portable ice machines are now designed to take up minimal space, to look sleek, be easy to use and require very little maintenance. Choose the ice machine that is suited to your needs, and it will prove its worth as a flexible and useful appliance. When you have a portable ice machine, there is no reason for the party ever to stall due to a lack of ice.