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The Various Types of Commercial Ice Machines?

The Various Types of Commercial Ice Machines?

31/10/2016 07:09 AM |

All kinds of food service businesses need an ice machine, but with so many different types on the market, it is vital to understand which one will suit your needs.

Ice makers vary in how much they produce and you'll need to look at how much you are likely to need over a period of time, as well as how you will store it.


These are designed to sit on top of an ice machine dispenser, soda dispenser or ice machine bin.

They only make the ice, which means a separate storage bin for storing the ice will have to be bought alongside it.

They are a great choice for any commercial bar or kitchen storing ice in bulk as they produce large amounts quickly. All the ice-making components are housed inside the cabinet, which means they can be repaired and replaced without having to take out the entire ice-making system.

While they do take up more space than self-contained ice makers, they give you a lot more capacity.


These are designed to fit under standard commercial counters, and so are 39 inches or less.

They are compact, meaning they take up less space which can be useful for smaller establishments.

All of the ice-making parts and the storage bin are contained within the same cabinet, making them completely all-in-one.

Although they have a small bin, they can still produce up to 240kg of ice a day, so if space is at a premium and you don't require vast quantities of ice, they are a good choice.

Fitting an undercounter, non-modular ice machine is similar to installing a domestic washing machine, with a water pipe, drainage outlet and a plug.

To prevent scale building up, which can lead to breakdown problems, it is recommended that a water filter or scale reducer is used.


Countertop ice dispensers

These all-in-one, self-contained units are similar to undercounter machines, with all the ice making components inside the cabinet, as well as an internal storage bin.

The only difference is that these have an ice-dispensing feature, normally a chute, which is activated by a lever or button. This means that ice can be dispensed quickly and easily into glasses or other containers.

Because the cabinet is enclosed, this is the most hygienic way to get ice and there is minimal risk of contamination as the ice is made and dispensed without being touched.

Style of ice

Although most commercial ice machines make ice in the same way, they don't all provide the same type.

When deciding which ice maker to invest in, look at which of the three basic forms of ice you prefer - Cubed, Flaked or Nugget.

Cubes are most suited to hotels, fast food restaurants, convenience stores and sit down restaurants, as they are harder and long-lasting.

Flakes are smaller, making them popular with supermarkets for displaying fresh seafood and meat.

Nugget ice is soft and chewable and popular with cafes and restaurants.