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Rowlett Rutland

Toast unites students in its golden-buttered simplicity. It's been made immortal in song. It's the family's first daily ritual. Toast brings people together.

So show it some respect.

Whether it's for household or commercial use, you can't get better than a Rowlett Rutland toaster, the World's Best Toaster.  We take toast seriously. Since 1945, our British craftsmen have been creating the finest toasters money can buy.

Today, Rowlett Rutland toasters are ergonomically designed gems of technology, with craftsmanship, durability, style and individuality at their core using the highest quality materials such as stainless steel , and Rowlett toasters are renowned for being the best there is worldwide.

Our toasters and other commercial catering equipment are continuously improved, built by hand and exported to 70 countries. They're supplied to homes, hotels, restaurants and bars. They're sold to ships, trains and high-volume food outlets everywhere.

Through all this, we've never lost sight of our goal: to enable chefs to create first-class cuisine.

Oh, and lightly-buttered, golden-brown masterpieces, too.