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Robot Coupe Blixers are a machine that’s is specifically designed to create much a much finer processed product which is ideal for dressings, purees, cheesecakes, herb dressings and food dishes for clients with special medical dietary needs. The robot coupe Blixer will allow you the control needed when creating a finer result as the longer you “blix” your product the finer the results. Robot Coupe Blixers are quick and easy to clean and very simple and easy to use.

With a huge range of Blixer models to choose from you can pick the perfect sized model to cope with your particular requirements from a 3.7 litre bowl right up to a floor standing 28 litre Blixer. The Robot Coupe Blixer offers the unique feature of an integral bowl and lid scraper to push the food product back down onto the blades to ensure a consistent product everytime. If you require any further assistance in choosing the correct model for your needs please feel free to contact our sales team on 01256 769990 who will also be happy to arrange a free “no obligation” demonstration at your place of business.