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Stick Blenders

Stick Blenders manufactured by Robot Coupe are probably the best in the world for reliability and performance. Using the best quality motors and components they are the closest yet to absolute stick blending perfection. Safe to use, simple and efficient, the latest models represent a revolution in hygienic food preparation. Stick blenders are Ideal for soups, sauces, whipped cream and much more. Robot Coupe stick blenders are ergonomically designed, with safety, simplicity and ease of cleaning as paramount importance.

The hand held design of the robot coupe stick blender features a vastly superior and powerful motor with resilient stainless steel housing and all new metal gear box for increased performance and longevity, which allows the processing of quantities up to 200 litres at a time. The hygienic design of the robot coupe stick blender allows the complete removal of the blade and bell housing for easier cleaning as the detachable parts can be placed inside a dishwasher. The stick blender range offers Mixers, Whiskers and Variable Speed functions to achieve perfect results when blending all types of food products, each stick blender and combi mixer is delivered with a wall support/bracket. If you require any further assistance in choosing the correct model for your needs please feel free to contact our sales team on 01252 875555 who will also be happy to arrange a free “no obligation” demonstration at your place of business.