Vertical Cutter Mixers

Robot Coupe Vertical Cutter Mixers (VCM's) are a high speed food processor, versatile and reliable capable of many functions including coarse and fine chopping, kneading, grinding and emulsifying. Typical preparation times for all models are: pastry mixed in 20 seconds; dough mixed and kneaded in less than 2 minutes; bowl of mayonnaise made in 1 minute; parsley, meat or vegetables fine chopped in the same time; plus numerous other mixing and chopping tasks. As with all the Robot Coupe ranges there are different size machines to choose from depending on the quantity or volume of product you need to produce at any given time. Single phase and three phase units are available to choose from, Polycarbonate or stainless steel construction options to choose from. Larger Floor standing models are also available to purchase (details upon request). If you require any further assistance in choosing the correct model for your needs please feel free to contact our sales team on 01252 875555 who will also be happy to arrange a free “no obligation” demonstration at your place of business.

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