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Shot Glasses

Glittering nightclubs and effervescent parties are incomplete without shots of alcohol. The new age world prefers shots over a lot of other popular drinks like whiskey or vodka. Shots are mostly consumed bottoms up or in a couple of gulps. These are offered in glasses that come in a variety of interesting shapes and sizes.

Ascot Wholesale is constantly updating its selection and range of shot glasses offering you a wide and varied choice to help make any premises stand out from their competitors.

  1. From: £4.47

    Plastic Shot Glasses, Available in various different types of materials from reusable polystyrene to virtually unbreakable polycarbonate shot glasses.

    Shot glasses in the polystyrene range are available in many different colours and ranging in capacities from 25ml, 35ml and 50ml. The polycarbonate shot glasses are the toughest plastic shot glasses on the market and are completely dishwasher safe, the twisted shot glasses are a funky addition to the way shots are consumed with two 25ml shots sitting side by side in the same glass but separated

  2. Was £12.74

    Now: £9.56 (Incl.VAT)

    Now: £7.97 (Ex.VAT)

    Timeless Vintage brings the style of classic cut glassware to a comprehensive collection of stemware and tumblers.

    With statement pieces they are sure to bring a dash of authenticity to any cocktail serve.

  3. Was £13.10

    Now: £9.83 (Incl.VAT)

    Now: £8.19 (Ex.VAT)

    Small, but mighty, the American Shot Glass is perfect for enjoying a tequila slammer or sliver of whisky. It features a 1oz capacity and heavyweight base for extra strength.

  4. Was £16.78

    Now: £12.59 (Incl.VAT)

    Now: £10.49 (Ex.VAT)

    The Tall Sambuca Shot Glass features a thick, heavyweight base. This sturdy looking glass is perfect for throwing back shooters with force, while the tall base ensures you don't burn your fingers on your flaming Sambuca.

  5. From: £16.53

    Small but strong with a heavy base means the Hot Shot Slammer glass is perfect for shooters and slammers.

  6. Was £28.62

    Now: £21.47 (Incl.VAT)

    Now: £17.89 (Ex.VAT)

    The boston shooter is a simple shot glass with a unique faceted design. Perfect for bars and restaurants.

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    Now: £24.91 (Incl.VAT)

    Now: £20.76 (Ex.VAT)

    Utopia's Creative Bar collection continues to evolve in 2016 with innovative and directional pieces, new materials, textures and colours that combine to make this our most exciting and versatile offering of all. Any cocktail menu can be given a real identity with distinct, original and inventive serves. The presence of cocktails is growing and more venues than ever before now boast a cocktail offering. Bars, pubs, restaurants and hotels are constantly being challenged to produce new and exciting drink recipes and ways to present these. Add texture, colour and striking shapes and materials to your repertoire to instantly liven up any menu. Challenge the conventional... it's time to get creative! Ideal for serving an array of beverages from cocktails to beers to soft drinks, jars are one of the most versatile products of all. The Shots Jar is ideal for serving tasters and samples as well as shots, and can even be used to serve food in. Jars are perfect for use with Utopia's extensive range of Punch Barrels.

  8. From: £26.77

    These tequila shooters have a simple, unadorned design, and can be used as a tall shot glass for other drinks too.

  9. From: £32.40

    Our Artis Shooter Glasses provides a stylish alternative to traditional shot glasses.

  10. From: £33.07

    Bamboo shot paddles are available to hold either 6 or 12 shots. They are the ideal alternative to trays for carrying shots and can be used as a promotional tool to up sell. They are practical and durable for the busy night life environment and are also suitable for glass washers.

    Bamboo Shot Paddle to hold 6 Shots 15 x 4.25'' (38 x 11cm)

    Bamboo Shot Paddle to hold 12 Shots 16 x 6'' (40 x 15.5cm)