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Should You Prefer a Glasswasher Over a Dishwasher?
When choosing a commercial ware washer for your business, you might be tempted to go for a one-stop solution of a dishwasher, but a glasswasher which ...
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Tips to Buying Wholesale Plastic Glasses Online
When catering for a large party or an outdoor event, you will need to think about the food to provide as well as how to serve it. You'll need ample pl...
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New Churchill Studio Prints
Studio Prints is an underglaze printed design finished with a hand applied edge band inspired by our archive Homespun designs, featured in the V&A Mus...
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How does a commercial ice maker work?
Ice may not seem that important - until you don't have any, then it becomes a necessity! Imagine a party or a bar without ice. Many restaurants will h...
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Sophisticated Champagne Glasses Available Online
A special occasion calls for the right glass selection to enhance champagne or sparkling wine, there are so many different shapes and designs to choos...
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Personalised Cocktail Glasses
Choosing the right glasses for your business can be tricky due to the large variety available. If you decide to go ahead and serve cocktails, you are ...
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Top reasons to use a commercial ice machine
Never run out of iceBasic and affordable, commercial ice machines commonly churn out as much as 50 kg of ice over a twenty-four hour period. Some top ...
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What to Look for in Your Catering Equipment Suppliers
If you're looking to kit out your catering business, whether it's a small caféor a restaurant with 150 covers, you'll want a one-stop shop supplier wh...
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Understand wine glasses and choose the correct one
If you're looking to purchase new glassware, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of styles and sizes available. Each glass is tailored to a dif...
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Must Have Commercial Kitchen Equipment For Restaurants
It will take a vast amount of time and money to properly equip and furnish any restaurant. Developing a customised plan for your specific organisation...
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