Ascot Wholesale presents Vegware the global specialist in plant-based catering disposables. Their commitment to a low carbon footprint is evident in their extensive product line, which includes award-winning hot cups and a diverse array of green disposables. Vegware is a manufacturer and brand and the only plant-based compostable packaging company operating globally. Their extensive range of disposables are low carbon, made from renewable materials, and all can be recycled along with food waste.

Vegware Packaging: A Green Visionary

As a pioneer in the industry, Vegware Packaging is dedicated to crafting plant-based catering disposables beyond traditional norms of standard materials. Their hot cups and biodegradable food service wrapping lead the way in providing sustainable alternatives, emphasizing the use of reclaimed materials over plastics.

Commercially Composted

Vegware takes pride in its biodegradable food service packaging, offering products directly composted with food waste. The composability certification attests to the brand's commitment to environmental responsibility, ensuring that its compostable catering disposables contribute positively to commercial composting facilities.

Made from Plants, Not Plastic

Vegware's approach utilizes plant materials, steering clear of conventional plastics. The brand's innovative use of recycled or reclaimed materials further reinforces its commitment to a clean dispensable made from plants ethos.

Second to none Innovation

Vegware's dedication to sustainability has earned it accolades for its innovative design and eco-friendly composition. The brand's range, from Vegware pizza boxes, Bon Appetit Bowls to the Gourmet Ranges, showcases the versatility of its top-ranking products.

In a world where green is paramount, Vegware emerges as a leader, offering diverse biodegradable foodservice packaging solutions that businesses can embrace without compromising quality or functionality.

As a global specialist in plant-based disposables, Vegware continues to pave the way for a more eco-friendly and responsible future in the hospitality sector.

Championing Sustainability

Vegware is more than just a food wrapping supplier; it symbolises eco-conscious innovation in catering disposables. For food service providers seeking a reliable partner in sustainable practices, Vegware commitment to a low carbon footprint is a beacon of environmental responsibility.

Using Renewable Resources

As experts in utilizing sustainable lower carbon resources. From producing PLA-based hot cups to eco-friendly containers and cutlery, it consistently explores innovative ways to reduce environmental impact throughout its supply chain.

Compostability Certification: A Seal of Green Approval

Dedication to environmental safety goes beyond words – it is certified. The compostability certification proudly adorns the Vegware branding, assuring clients that every item, from cups to containers, meets the highest standards of environmental responsibility.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Understanding the importance of responsible waste management. Their commitment extends to providing green-minded wrappers that can be repurposed and edible waste where accepted, offering a comprehensive solution for businesses aiming to minimize their environmental footprint.

More Than Just Packaging

Beyond being a food covering supplier and experts in crafting solutions that align with a cleaner, greener future. Vegware consistently raises the bar for excellence in plant-based disposables, whether planet-friendly cutlery, innovative containers, or PLA-based drinkware.

The journey continues to unfold in the ever-evolving landscape of sustainability as a global specialist, remaining dedicated to providing food service providers with top-tier, environment-friendly options.

Join the ranks of businesses making a positive impact and choose Vegware for wrapping and packing solutions that transcend expectations. Let's shape a future where innovation meets responsibility, one eco-conscious container and PLA drink at a time.