Bar Equipment

A Bottle Cooler is the ideal way to store chilled bottled drinks ready to serve. While keeping bottles chilled, bottle coolers are the best way to show your customers the bottled drinks you have to offer. Bottle coolers come with adjustable shelves and internal lights to illuminate your display giving you the ultimate back bar display. Click to see more professional bar accessories

An undercounter bottle cooler is offered with either single door, double door or triple door where a larger amount of chilled stock is required. With a double or triple door bottle cooler you also have the option of hinged or sliding doors. Bottle coolers are available in a Black or Silver external finish to set off any back bar setting.

Here at Ascot Wholesale we also have available chilled storage options for wine. From counter top to full hight bottle coolers you are sure to find the ideal chilled display unit for Wine, Rose and Champagne with shelving for up to 90 bottles available, you should always have chilled ready serve bottles to hand. Top Loaders also known as Bottle Dumps are available for venues where large quantities of chilled bottle drinks (up to 900 bottles) are needed to be stored behind the bar for fast and efficient service. Ascot Wholesale offer all Bottle Coolers, Wine Coolers and Top Loaders with a minimum of 1 years parts warranty and next day delivery can be offered. For the ultimate range of bottle coolers please click on the required section below to open up a whole world of options from size, colour and maybe even the odd offer.