Ascot Wholesale’s Ethical Trading Promise

Modern Slavery Act

Ascot Wholesale welcomes the Modern Slavery Act and the responsibility it places on businesses like ours to publicly disclose and be transparent about what we do to tackle forced labour and human trafficking.

We’re based in Hook, Hampshire and distribute to various businesses and individuals across the United Kingdom. We fully understand the potential for exploitation and slavery within the workplace; that’s why even now, as a rapidly-expanding and growing business, we feel it important to carry on a duty to ensure our staff are treated fairly and that’s why we put their welfare at the centre of business operations.

As a distributor, Ascot Wholesale sits in the middle of the supply chain – delivering you high quality goods from leading manufacturers, to you, our valued clients. It’s therefore vital that we hold strong relationships with everyone in the chain and we fully appreciate that we are only ever going to be as good as the workforce who produce the products that we can then sell to you. With this in mind, we’re committed to working closely with our suppliers to root out any crime; especially modern slavery.

Policy and Due Diligence

Ascot Wholesale adopts the Ethical Trading Initiatives base code, which was founded in accord with the International Labour Organisation, which is an internationally recognised code of labour practice.

Awareness and Collaboration

Modern Slavery is a global issue and we know that here at Ascot Wholesale we can’t solve it alone. That’s why we’re leading by example and hope that other businesses follow us, so that, together, we can root out and stop this act.