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Bains Maries

Bain maries are basically a double walled container used for the slow heating of food or keeping food warm once cooked. There are 2 options of Bain Marie – wet or dry heat with a variation of pot sizes and shapes including Gastronorm container pots. With the wet heat option the dish sits over a bath of heated water while in the dry units the element heats the air beneath the dishes. This is set by either a thermostatic or simmer stat control. Bain maries are available in gas or electric options.

A Bain Marie is typically used as a counter top hot food servery unit (containing multiple numbers of containers within the one unit) used in the catering industry to heat food product gradually to a fixed temperature. A handy piece of equipment for all types of catering outlets. Our Bain Marie’s will have an adjustable thermostat or simmer stat control to give you controlled serving temperature options. A wet well Bain Marie is recommended for food products that are prone to drying out over continued periods of heating (such as mashed potato). A wet well Bain Marie consists of a large container filled with working liquid, usually water and another smaller container filled with the substance to be heated The temperature of the working liquid usually exceeds the boiling point of the particular food product and so the temperature of the inner container can be brought to a known limit and held there by bringing the outer working liquid to the boil.