Commercial Dishwashers

In the catering and hospitality sectors there is nothing more important than sparkling clean crockery, making a Commercial Dishwasher one of the most important appliances in any professional kitchen.

Commercial Catering Dishwashers are powerful machines designed to save both time and effort, with fast wash cycles that will leave your utensils, plates and bowls flawlessly clean and ready for service.

Our large selection of Industrial Dishwashers are suitable for any establishment, from small village cafes to staff canteens or cafeterias. At Ascot wholesale we have a choice of sizes, styles and capacities available, it is simple to find the ideal solution to meet your requirements, guaranteeing that your dishes are always gleaming.

For other commercial cleaning machines, see our selection of Commercial Glasswashers or Utensil Washers.

If you require any additional help with our commercial dishwashers please speak to a member of our friendly customer service team on 01256 769990.